Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Please? Thank you? No more.

Sometimes I wonder if manners have gone out the window.
Now just hear me out.
I made sound like an old lady on the rampage but I'm serious!
For example, today I stopped at Old Navy yesterday
(I couldn't resist) they had their leggings for $10 plus 30% off yesterday
so I got some for only $7 a pair!
Walking in I held the door open for a lady I would guess to be in her 30's
Did she say thank you?
Did she even acknowledge I did with a nod or a smile?
I just think saying thank you after someone holds a door open for you
goes a long way.
Another one that I tend to deal with are inmates.
If I give them something,
toilet paper, commisary, book cart, etc.
they don't say thank you, they just EXCPECT it to be given to
them. Maybe that's why they are in jail partially.
They just think that everything should be given to them.
Now I'm not saying I'm perfect. Maybe it was the way I was
raised, but I almost always say PLEASE or THANK YOU
after someone does something for me.
My parents, always reminded me to thank others
after they gave me something.



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Monday, November 11, 2013

This Weekend I...

Brent and I went to go see Captain Phillips
I thought it was excellent and recommend it!
The bestie came to Wisconsin and we had a blast
Went to Clay Corner Studio and painted some Christmas ornaments



Afterwards we picked up some delicious cupcakes from Sweet Lolas.
Afterwards we picked up the guys and went out to eat at Brew Brothers

Headed to Target for a few things
Then picked up Parkland from the redbox
After the movie Jen was kind enough to share some of her music with me
She burned 28 Cd's for me!
My 45 minute drive to work just got a ton better!
Was a super lazy day for us
We watched the Packer game
Took 2 naps, yes 2!
Watched the Amazing Race & The Walking Dead 
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