Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The Daily Tay
Someday I will make an effort to get up early and exercise
Someday I will have all my pictures scrap booked
Someday I will become a Sergeant
Someday I will have kids
Someday I will sleep in as long as I want to without feeling guilty
Someday I will go to Disney World with my nieces
Someday I will go back to Germany
Someday I will travel to Japan and Ireland
Someday I will have me dream dog (King Charles Cavalier)
Someday I will not have to work every other weekend
Someday I will have a movie marathon where I watch all the Harry Potter movies in one day
Someday I will paint an accent wall in my bedroom
Someday I will make a photo gallery wall
Someday I will get our pool installed
Someday I will learn to French braid my hair
I also found this Autumn Mug Swap if anyone is interested
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  1. a french braid hair twist?! that sounds interesting! i have never been to germany but I'm dying to go!

  2. I went to Ireland for the first time this summer,and it was so beautiful!! I HOPE YOU GET TO CROSS EVERYTHING OFF OF YOUR LIST. Oops, sorry for the caps lock.


  3. Who did you get paired up with?? I wish we would have gotten each other's names!