Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Blog Design & Some Random Thoughts

So did you see it?
Brand. new. blog. design.
Check out the new button too.
Me like.
Feel free to swap out my old button with the new.
Feel free to grab my button to!'s time for Really?
But with me.
Really people?   Why must you be mean to others?
Do you think it gets you farther in life? Do you think that you are actually better then others? Really?
I heard on the radio this morning that Pandora is going to start charging.
I mean really?
The one thing that is free?
Really Katie(me)? Your going to be a jealous person as if you were a high school girl?
Really? Get over it.
Really Ulta? You are going to charge me a BASE price of $80 for highlights?
No thanks. I will take my hair else where and for cheaper.
Really thing mint cookies? Why must you be so so so good and addicting. Really?
Really Revenge? You have been a huge disappointment to me this season. So much that I am thinking about not watching you anymore. Emily Thorne, please get back to the first season and get that red marker out. The plot this year has been so far fetched. Really?

Really Rihanna? You are back together with this guy that jacked you in the face?
Who cannot seem to stay out of trouble? Who will more then likely be abusive to you again. Really?
Really Kimye? You thought this was an appropriate photo cover for a magazine.
This has been 'Really" with Katie

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  1. pay for Pandora?! really!? WTH am I supposed to do now? actually buy the music from iTunes!? crap.
    and Kimye. ish.

  2. That news about Pandora is devastating. Super upset :(

    and I LOVE the new blog design! Too cute!!