Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Please? Thank you? No more.

Sometimes I wonder if manners have gone out the window.
Now just hear me out.
I made sound like an old lady on the rampage but I'm serious!
For example, today I stopped at Old Navy yesterday
(I couldn't resist) they had their leggings for $10 plus 30% off yesterday
so I got some for only $7 a pair!
Walking in I held the door open for a lady I would guess to be in her 30's
Did she say thank you?
Did she even acknowledge I did with a nod or a smile?
I just think saying thank you after someone holds a door open for you
goes a long way.
Another one that I tend to deal with are inmates.
If I give them something,
toilet paper, commisary, book cart, etc.
they don't say thank you, they just EXCPECT it to be given to
them. Maybe that's why they are in jail partially.
They just think that everything should be given to them.
Now I'm not saying I'm perfect. Maybe it was the way I was
raised, but I almost always say PLEASE or THANK YOU
after someone does something for me.
My parents, always reminded me to thank others
after they gave me something.



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Monday, November 11, 2013

This Weekend I...

Brent and I went to go see Captain Phillips
I thought it was excellent and recommend it!
The bestie came to Wisconsin and we had a blast
Went to Clay Corner Studio and painted some Christmas ornaments



Afterwards we picked up some delicious cupcakes from Sweet Lolas.
Afterwards we picked up the guys and went out to eat at Brew Brothers

Headed to Target for a few things
Then picked up Parkland from the redbox
After the movie Jen was kind enough to share some of her music with me
She burned 28 Cd's for me!
My 45 minute drive to work just got a ton better!
Was a super lazy day for us
We watched the Packer game
Took 2 naps, yes 2!
Watched the Amazing Race & The Walking Dead 
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The Daily Tay
Someday I will make an effort to get up early and exercise
Someday I will have all my pictures scrap booked
Someday I will become a Sergeant
Someday I will have kids
Someday I will sleep in as long as I want to without feeling guilty
Someday I will go to Disney World with my nieces
Someday I will go back to Germany
Someday I will travel to Japan and Ireland
Someday I will have me dream dog (King Charles Cavalier)
Someday I will not have to work every other weekend
Someday I will have a movie marathon where I watch all the Harry Potter movies in one day
Someday I will paint an accent wall in my bedroom
Someday I will make a photo gallery wall
Someday I will get our pool installed
Someday I will learn to French braid my hair
I also found this Autumn Mug Swap if anyone is interested
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Monday, October 28, 2013

This Weekend I...

Friday night consisted of dinner with my husbands co worker and his wife.
We went to Buffalo Wild Wings.
The Fried Pickles with the southwest ranch were calling my name.
It was a blast.
When we finally left the restaurant my face and mouth hurt from laughing so hard and smiling.
I can't wait till we go out to dinner with this couple again!
Saturday was a family pumpkin day!
I will let the pictures do the talking!

Sunday was our normal lazy day
Caught up on our shows
Read the Sunday paper
Took a nice 2 hour nap
Watched the Packers beat the Vikings!!!

Hopefully you all had a good weekend as well!!
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Family Photos

A few weekends ago I met up with a photographer who I went to school with.
We met at a park near my in laws house.
She took some AMAZING family pictures of us.
Today I am sharing them with you!




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Monday, October 14, 2013

This Weekend I...

Went to Miranda Lambert & Dierks Bentley concert
Spent Saturday with my gal pal
Went to Ikea
Which Which
Met up with some amazing bloggers
Photo: I got to meet some awesome girls tonight on a #blate #friends
Watched the Packers beat the Ravens
Caught up on some tv shows
Took an afternoon nap
Watched the new season of The Walking Dead
Watched the Red Sox beat the Tigers
All in all a great weekend!
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Time

I stumbled across another blog who posted some great fall questions
1.) Favorite Fall Lip Balm
I don't have a favorite fall lip balm.
I use these 2 kinds all the time.
Baby Lips

Almay Lip Balm
2.) Favorite Fall Nail Polish
OPI came out with this San Francisco collection.
I have wore the in the cable car pool lane
It's gorgeous and I like the dark plum color
3.) Favorite Fall Starbucks drink
Pumpkin Spice Latte
4.) Favorite Fall Candle
Autumn Wreath Candle, this smells so good.
I burn it every night I'm home!!
5.) Fall clothing or accessory
Scarves and boots for sure!
6.) Haunted House, Haunted Hayride, or Haunted Corn Maze
The one that scares me the most!
I went 2 years ago on a Haunted Hayride, these guys were jumping on the tractor with chainsaws and wearing creepy masks. Scared the crap out of me! I think Brent left with nail marks in his hands!
7.) Favorite Halloween Movie
8.) Favorite Candy to Eat on Halloween
9.) What are you dressing up as for Halloween
I am not going to any Halloween parties this year (ok I haven't been invited to one in like 4 years) but if I did, I would go as Walter White :)
10.) What is your favorite thing about fall?
Football Games.
Smell of Fall.
Fellow Bloggers & Friends, please fill this out! I would like to see your answers! 
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