Monday, October 28, 2013

This Weekend I...

Friday night consisted of dinner with my husbands co worker and his wife.
We went to Buffalo Wild Wings.
The Fried Pickles with the southwest ranch were calling my name.
It was a blast.
When we finally left the restaurant my face and mouth hurt from laughing so hard and smiling.
I can't wait till we go out to dinner with this couple again!
Saturday was a family pumpkin day!
I will let the pictures do the talking!

Sunday was our normal lazy day
Caught up on our shows
Read the Sunday paper
Took a nice 2 hour nap
Watched the Packers beat the Vikings!!!

Hopefully you all had a good weekend as well!!
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  1. Sounds fun!! Love the pumpkin pics.

  2. Looks like ya had a fun weekend! I was happy the Pack won! :)

  3. Isn't it awesome when you find a fun couple like that to hang out with?! And I didn't even watch the game, because I knew it was going to be brutal... And because we don't get NBC, since we live in the boonies! = ) Glad you had a great weekend, lady!