Monday, September 30, 2013

This Weekend I...


As soon as Brent got home from work we headed to Sheboygan where his parents live.
We ate Gosses with the family!
Gosh I love Gosses food!
I also got to see this peanut(my niece Aria)
Photo: I was 14 weeks on Monday and love putting my fists and any clothing in my mouth. Mommy and daddy think it's really cute! :)
Our plans fell through as my husband was up half the night sick with the flu.
At one point he had gotten up and gone in to the other room and I didn't even notice!
So we let him sleep the day away and rest.
My brother and sister in law and myself went to a baby consignment shop
They were able to find a few things
We then took a drive around Lake Michigan, it was beautiful
I forgot to take pictures, woops.
We stopped at Jimmy John's for lunch (turkey tom please!)
Late that night Brent's family grilled out.
Brats, hotdogs, hamburgers, pasta salad, fresh fruit, german potato salad, etc.
There was so much to eat we all stuffed ourselves full!
We then went downstairs in their big family room and took some family pictures
Watched the Badger game
Drank some Beers
And watched the Season Premiere of SNL
Drunk Uncle was hilarious
and so were all the Breaking Bad references! 
Brent, I and the dogs went to the local park and had professional picture taken.
I can't wait to get them back and show you!
We may have taken a discount double check and claymaker photo (packer fans)
We stopped at Gap Outlet and Old Navy Outlet where we both found some new clothes for really good prices
We got home and started laundry.
Yes, we did 4 loads of laundry.
Seriously, how does laundry pile up so fast?
We ended the night by watching the series finale.
I am so sad it has ended but thought it was a good ending!
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Emmy Recap

I was able to watch the Emmy's today and I thought that I would give a recap.
Here are the ones I thought were the best dressed

Kerry Washington
I thought this dress was really pretty on her and went great against her skin tone.
Sarah Wyland
Her lipstick was a little dark but her dress was gorgeous!
Sofia Vergara
Great color on her
Carrie Underwood
What a beautiful color on her and I think she was dressed appropriate
Allison Williams
This dress is stunning, good choice
Ariel Winter
Probably my favorite of all the dress.
I want it.
TAYLOR SCHILLING  photo | Taylor Schilling
Taylor Schilling
Great Dress, looks really good on her.
AND now the WORST
(all in my opinion)
Heidi Klum
This dress is AWFUL!
It look like someone cut up part of her dress
Zosia Mamet
Hello ugly dress.
What is with that black little bra thing.
Connie Britton
No. Just. No.
Julieann Hough
It looks like she has Grandma panties on, and that color just washes her out.
Some other tidbits about the Emmy's:
*I read online that Tina Fey had a 'Janet Jackson' moment, I must have missed it because I didn't see it.
*Was it weird for Amy Poehler and Will Arnett to see each other since their divorce?
*I thought the Emmy's were a little depressing with all the remembrance!
*I felt that Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul got snubbed!
*I wish someone OTHER then Steven Colbert would win, people, have we not watched Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno, or Jimmy Kimmel?
*Michael Douglas still had his wedding ring on, but know Catherine:(
What did you think? Any worst/best dressed you thought of? 
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Last Thing Link Up

The Last thing I...
(Watched on TV)
Big Brother

Bren & I have been watching this show for quite a few summers now.
I am so glad that Amanda is out of the house.
Now with the final 4, (with McCrae probably leaving tonight)
I guess I would pick GinaMarie to win.
(Bought & Loved)
Essie's Nail Polish

I painted this color on my nails last week and got a lot of compliments.
I think it's a very good fall color.
(Was excited about)
Plans have been made in October.
A Miranda Lambert concert on Friday.
Dinner and scary trail ride with some MN Bloggers! (Lo, Syndal, Jess, and Jen!)
(Wanted to Buy)
Looking for some grey paint like the color above so I can paint an accent wall in our bedroom.
(Laughed at)
Hahahah bet thats whats really going on in their heads here to find out more 
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Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Work: I have been working my ass off lately! Worked labor day (hello holiday pay) worked 8hrs overtime on Thursday and working a 16hr shift on Sunday, ok, the check will be nice but all this work is kicking my butt!
Dear Miranda: I had a blast hanging out with you last weekend and I miss that! I wish you lived here in this city so I could see you everyday! The Packer game with you is going to be awesome!
Dear Fall: I have slowly been finding more things to decorate you with! Yesterday at Target I got 2 fall kitchen towels and 2 signs in the $1 section!
Dear Inmates: Let's have a good weekend ok? No fights, no tantrums, no being loud after lock down, no stupid questions, and we will get along just fine.
Dear NFL: Your back! I have missed you so much! I cannot wait for the Packer game on Sunday. This household is ready for it!
Dear Netflix: I have watched a handful of your shows, now I am deciding what to watch next. I have watched Scandal, Sons Of Anarchy, Parenthood, OITNB.
Now what to watch...some potentials are, The New Girl, Vampire Diaries, Finishing Gossip Girl, Bones or Hart Of Dixie.
Dear God I watch way to much television.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Current Obsessions

TV Shows:
Orange is the new Black
Sons Of Anarchy


When In Doubt Add Butter
Tim McGraw
Katy Perry
Luke Bryan
Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn
Greasy Toppers Mac N Cheese Pizza
Miranda Lambert concert
Breaking Bad Series Finale
Packer/Bears game with the BCF in November
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