Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Work: I have been working my ass off lately! Worked labor day (hello holiday pay) worked 8hrs overtime on Thursday and working a 16hr shift on Sunday, ok, the check will be nice but all this work is kicking my butt!
Dear Miranda: I had a blast hanging out with you last weekend and I miss that! I wish you lived here in this city so I could see you everyday! The Packer game with you is going to be awesome!
Dear Fall: I have slowly been finding more things to decorate you with! Yesterday at Target I got 2 fall kitchen towels and 2 signs in the $1 section!
Dear Inmates: Let's have a good weekend ok? No fights, no tantrums, no being loud after lock down, no stupid questions, and we will get along just fine.
Dear NFL: Your back! I have missed you so much! I cannot wait for the Packer game on Sunday. This household is ready for it!
Dear Netflix: I have watched a handful of your shows, now I am deciding what to watch next. I have watched Scandal, Sons Of Anarchy, Parenthood, OITNB.
Now what to watch...some potentials are, The New Girl, Vampire Diaries, Finishing Gossip Girl, Bones or Hart Of Dixie.
Dear God I watch way to much television.

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  1. Bones is a great show one of my favorites!

    Found you through Friday letters :)


  2. Hart of Dixie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so cheesy and good lol. I wish we lived closer too :( but I'm excited for the game!!!!

  3. Vampire DIARIES. WATCH IT! I'm SERIOUS with the CAPS!

  4. Ps I strangely had a ton of fun at the end of the night hanging out with Molly and Abby as well. So weird .