Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm Tired of Her!

I'm sure you are wondering what the hell my title post means.
Well please let me tell you.
So...I work with one of the most annoying people in the entire world.
Let's call her "sam"
Sam discovered a few years ago that she has a desmoid tumor. She has gone through many surgeries and kemo pills to shrink the tumor.
While off of work from her surgery's she became a health nut.
She said she researched for days upon days about what foods cause cancer and what horrible things soda, meat, milk, etc can do for you.
That's when she became as I call her "the health Nazi"
Yes. Now prior to this "Sam" ate just like the rest of us.
She always had starbucks frappes, popcorn, etc.
But, ever since doing her research she has done an almost 180 on what she eats.
Good for her!
she feels the need to tell you/dissect every single thing you eat and tell you how bad it is for you.
For example, the other day I was eating a lean cuisine at work, and she proceeds to take the box and point how much trans fat and sodium and shit is in it.
Ok, thank you. Back the fuck off! (Pardon the language)
Another co worker was drinking a soda. And she proceeded to tell him how bad soda is and all the sugar and blah blah. As if he didn't know that.
It's just getting annoying. I feel the need to hide my food when I'm at work because I'm afraid of her seeing it.
She also drinks this stuff called 'black water' which had a higher alkaline content in it or something?
I think it's great she is conscious of what she eats but she has no tact as to how to tell others what they are eating isn't healthy for them.
I mean come on! It's everyone's own decision on what they want to eat.
Unhealthy or not.
On top of that she will get on a rant about stuff and I just want to yell shut up! Ok I don't care that this box of sour patch kids I'm eating is could give me diabetes! You know what? I like it, I enjoy it, and if every now and then I want some sour patch kids, well then by gosh I am going to eat them!
I know you probably are thinking I am blowing this out of proportion but I swear I'm not.
I mean the other day she was telling me I shouldn't dip my veggies in ranch dressing.

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  1. Wow. Just wow. I'm all for getting healthier but at some point you can't force others to conform to your new way of life. Sounds SUPER annoying.

  2. Wow. I can't stand people like that. I use to (use being the key word), have a friend like that. She went to school to be a personal trainer/nutritionist, and anytime we'd go out to eat or for a drink, she'd "kindly" remind me of the calorie/fat/that's gonna clog your arteries content. As you said, sometimes I want to eat crappy, nothing wrong with that!

  3. geez. I am all for trying to eat healthy but to force it on someone is just way to much. I don't blame you for feeling the way you do I would want to just punch her! haha

  4. Thanks for writing this post, it was the wake up call I needed to not turn into a "Sam" myself. You see I've recently discovered how bad dairy, meat and wheat can be for our health and have become obsessed with trying to change my diet (and I will continue to) but it has been so hard not to badger my loved ones to jump on board with me. Luckily my partner is as transparent as glass so I could see straight away that he would not tolerate my badgering, but that hasn't stopped me from encouraging the rest of my family to try and change their eating habits. If I didn't work from home I'd probably be annoying my co-workers too, but after reading this I will make sure to keep my opinions to myself.. even if I do feel like I'm doing my friends and family a disservice by keeping these "health secrets" a secret. :P


  5. My sister has a guy she works with that is like this. She said he keeps one of those huge protein powder containers at his desk, and every day for a snack he eats peas and carrots. Each of his meals is the same every single day. Also, he said almost exactly the same thing 'Sam' said about the Lean Cuisine to another girl in the department. He has no filter, and it drives everyone he works with crazy!

  6. excuse my language but...lay off bitch. i am all for having your own lifestyle/opinion but you no need to push it upon me. ugh people are so annoying.

  7. I just used a Mean Girls pic in my post this morning - haha! Great minds think alike. Oh, who am I kidding....I love you so much that I straight up bit your style. I apologize for that :P

    Ugh, this chick would drive me nuts. I would be the one to leave candy wrappers on her desk every morning just to irritate her. That's mean though, don't do that.

  8. First of all, I was hoping this post was going to be about Lindsay Lohan, because I am totally tired of her right now.

    Second of all, I know that person. I think we all do. They are intolerable at best. There is nothing worse than feeling the need to hide what you are eating because Miss I-Suddenly-Know-Everything is there to judge.