Friday, June 14, 2013

Nail Files


My VIckilicious Life
Nails of the week:
This is the first time I ever used Julep nail polish before.
This kind was called Nora.
I really liked it. The matte finish is really nice.
I'm debating to sign up for julep or not.
$20 a month isn't to bad to me but I'm sure the husband would pitch a fit.
I wonder how many nail polishes you get a month?
Anywho, working a 16 hour shift today 2pm to 6am
So I best get ready for work!
Have a great weekend girls!

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  1. you get two to three in each box.

  2. I love Julep! They have a variety of options so you can usually get a box of goodies you love :)

  3. I love Julep too but I'm finding it harder and harder to justify $20 a month...but love the quality of the polishes.

  4. What an interesting polish! And I've been on the julep fence for a while now, too. I haven't pulled the trigger yet though.

  5. Those are your nails? Holy cow, I would have thought they were some hand models off of pinterest lol. Love it!

    Gotta admit, I probably wouldn't have bought that color but it looks really good once it's on.

    1. Oh those aren't my nails! They are on a model! I just wanted to show the color because I couldn't get my instagram phot to load!

  6. I have this and I've never opened it I might have to give it a try.. Thanks for showing it. It goes great with your skin tone.