Friday, December 28, 2012

A Winner & Nail Files!

Happy Friday ladies!
Sorry I have been MIA. I have had 7 days off from work and have been busy traveling and shopping on my days off. I'm so sad that today I go back to work, and picked up some overtime so now I'm working a 16 hour shift (2pm-6am) what was I thinking?!

Anyway I want to announce the winner of the Wisconsin Blogger Giveaway!

Kelsey Eaton  you are the winner! Please send one of us WI Bloggers your mailing address! Congrats to Kelsey and thank you to everyone who participated!
I'm so happy to have many new followers and look forwarding to getting to know you!

Now time for some Nail Files!

The Nail Files Link Up

Pink Friday OPI Nicki Minaj color
Such a pretty pink I love it!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Tag!

The wonderful Kim, over at Latte and a Prayer tagged me in for a awesome Christmas post!

Here are the questions Kim gave me to answer:

1.) What's your weirdest Christmas tradition that you do each year?
Christmas Eve night my Mom will yell up the stairs to all of us kids (even though we are married and some of us have kids ourselves) and she will say that the weatherman spotted Santa on the radar. lol.

2.) Have you ever spent a Christmas away from "home"? What did you/would you do instead?
I have spent a Christmas away from "home" at the in-laws. They do a "white elephant" type of exchange. Every person brings one gift and sets it in the middle of the room. You then go around in a circle and pick one gift from the center. You can open it up, if you don't like it you have to hang on to it. If someone else opens a gift and you like their gift you can take it. But you can only take a gift from someone else once. It's actually kind of fun. Last year I got a Hot Dog/Hot Dog Bun Warmer and Brent got a neck pillow for plane rides!

3.) Real Tree or Fake?

Fake for us. It's a really nice one though. It's 7.5 feet tall! I don't do real because well one my dogs would probably drink the water out of the bottom and 2 I don't want pine needles in my carpet.

4.) Favorite Christmas Movie?
That would have to be National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and the Family Stone.

5.) What does "Christmas Dinner" mean for you and your family? Are there certain things that are always on the table? What's your favorite part?
Christmas dinner is usually something different each year. It could be ham or turkey, etc. Usually all the fixings (mashed potatoes, some type of sald, rolls, veggie tray, etc) My favorite part is just us sitting around the table together as a family!

Have fun! Answer the questions and tag five more awesome bloggers. After you've done your post, come back here and leave me a comment with the link to it because I don't want to miss it! Instruct your tag-ees to do the same for you. Don't forget to link your post back to Raising Reagen

Here are the Bloggers I am tagging:

Miranda @ Aimless Translation
Jenn @ Dexter Morgan's Mama
Whit @ Black Little Button
Alexandra @ Everything Under The Sun
Shannon @ Page Twenty-Two

Here are your questions:

What's your favorite ornament on your Christmas Tree?
Is there a certain food you have to have around Christmas time that comes out?
Christmas Lights, White or Colored?
Favorite Christmas Movie?
What do you do the day after Christmas Day?


Monday, December 17, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

No Place Like Home Holiday Link Up :: Day 5, Home for the Holidays

home for the holidays

Today is the last day of this great link up that Katie and Holly hosted this week.
Thanks girls!

Showing off the Christmas decor at my house!
Hope you enjoy & have a great weekend!

Looking out the back porch
End table. Festive Christmas kleenex box with an owl on it ;)
The Christmas tree in the middle my Grandma made for me.
Stockings. From L to R. Brent, Me, Willow, Gracie.
(Yes my dogs have stockings)
Some more decor
Book Shelf.
The Prints was a Pinterest idea!
I change them out every holiday/season
I love snowmen, so this is my little collection underneath the TV
The Christmas Tree with presents underneath!!
And though this doesn't have anything to do with Christmas this is a picture of all my nieces this past weekend. They were too cute not to put on here ;)
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

No Place Like Home Holiday Linkup: Day 4

home for the holidays

Linking up with Katie and Holly

Today's link up is about your favorite thing about home.

Well of course my favorite thing about home would be my husband and my fur children. They are what makes a home for me.

Another favortie thing about home to me is probably my kitchen.
Not that I'm this huge baker or cook but I love spending time in the kitchen.
My husband and I were lucky enough to build our house so we got to put our own touches on the kitchen. We really wanted black appliances but the items we had picked out they didn't have available in black so we had to stick with white.
What is your favorite thing about home?


Monday, December 10, 2012

There's No Place Like Home Holiday Linkup Day 1: Where I Come From

Linking up with KatieHolly for

home for the holidays

I come from...a family of 2 brothers and 2 sisters

I come from...a village, called Kronenwetter
I come from a state that has the amazing Green Bay Packers
I come from a state that wears 'Cheese heads'
I come from a family that plays games called 'Mysterious Muggins'
I come from parents who have been married for 34 years.
I come from a beautiful house that my husband and I had built 2 years ago.
I come from faith, hope and love.
I come from someone who has grown up listening to country music.
I come from a state of Badgers!
Make sure to link up!

Tomorrows link up
Where I live now
Wed: What home means to me
Thurs: My favorite thing about home
Fri:Home for the Holidays (decor/traditions/ etc)


Friday, December 7, 2012

Nail Files

Linking up for The Nail Files with Tara
Nail these week:
Butler Please by Essie.
Part of their 2012 Winter Collection
Love this color. It comes out great and you only need one coat!
What are you wearing?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nashville & Groop Dealz Yo!

Have you guys heard of the website Groopdealz?
If not, you must!.
I stumbled across this website via another blogger.
She had said that they were having some amazing deals on Cyber Monday.
So I thought I would check it out.
I'm so glad I did! (Though the wallet & husband I'm sure probably said 'oh great')

Here are some of there dealz today!

Only $15! Made to order!

Pockat Mirrors for only $2.50! (Great stocking stuffers)

I have already gotten a scarf and some jewelry from there. 2 scarves for $5! And a bracelet for $5. Check it out if you can!
(All opinion on here are my own, I was not asked my Groopdealz to do this)


If you didn't see last nights episode of Nashville please read no further!

I just love this show!
I totally think that Scarlett and Gunnar NEED to hook up!
They would be perfect for each other! Besides her ex boyfriend was a loser and a cheater!

There music together is so pretty. Usually after every episode I am downloading the songs!

In the beginning of the show I didn't really like Juliette Barnes but as the season progresses I have become to like her.
I can't believe Hayden really sings in the show, she has an amazing voice.
I felt really bad after this last episode when her boyfriends mother said that to her. She genuinely liked his family and wanted to be apart of it.
I can't believe she asked him to marry her!
I think it was way to soon!

And of course the drama with Rayna & Teddy.
Teddy should have just told Rayna from the beginning what was going on with the whole embezzlement thing but then it wouldn't be a good show right?

Check out some of their music if you can! Do any of you watch the show? What do you think of it? Characters you love? Hate?


Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Linking up for WILW!

I'm loving:

That Jen and I got tickets today to go see Kenny Chesney in concert together this summer! I just love this girl and this concert is going to be the! I would talk to her all day but I think she would get sick of me! haha.

I'm loving:

City of Bones book series

I'm loving:

Runts candy. I found these the other day, I haven't had them in forever. Ah, they are good!

I'm loving that the weekend soon will be here!

I'm loving:

Essie's winter collection colors!
I almost own them all! (I need help) lol

I'm loving:

Baby lips

Alexandra got me hooked on these things! I now have 4 in my possession, eek!

I'm loving:

That my fellow state MN had a blogger get together last night that looked awesome, wish I could have gotten the WI together!

Minnesota Bloggers

I'm loving:

The Wisconsin Badgers made it to the Rose Bowl for the 3rd year in a if they could just win for once!

What are you loving?