Monday, December 3, 2012

5 for Five

Linking up for 5 for Five for the first time!!


So obviously I don't have any 5 to say if I did or not from last Monday, but here is my 5 for this week!

1.)  Get Christmas lights hung up outside.

I started to put some up Saturday before I went in to work but I need to finish this week!

2.) Get a baby outfit for my co worker who just had a baby

I hope to do this by Wednesday since he is bringing in his baby to work!

3.) Finish the last 80 pages of the book City of Bones

Ladies, this book is really good (kind of Twilight meets Harry Potter meets Hush Hush series)

4.) Clean out the new Keurig.

Brent got me a Keurig for Christmas but this particular brand of Keurig makes all the coffee taste like plastic! So I read online to rinse it out with Vinegar and water. I hope it works! I have some Chai Latte K-Cups calling my name!

5.) Write my pen pal

I have a pen pal from Germany and she wrote me a week and a half ago and I haven't written her back!



  1. I might be looking for beach reads for my winter break...I'll have to add that book to the list! Just finished Gone Girl and it was amazing :)

  2. loving the book so far! I;m about half way through. so cool you have a pen pal from Germany :)

  3. ok, i have the city of bones and have tried to read it but i got bored... does it get better by chapter 3 or 4?

    also, did you know there's a movie of this coming out?

  4. I have been look for a new book to pick up! Will write done City of Bones! Thanks!!

    Don't forget to enter the giveaway going on at Cotton's Pickins right now!!