Friday, December 14, 2012

No Place Like Home Holiday Link Up :: Day 5, Home for the Holidays

home for the holidays

Today is the last day of this great link up that Katie and Holly hosted this week.
Thanks girls!

Showing off the Christmas decor at my house!
Hope you enjoy & have a great weekend!

Looking out the back porch
End table. Festive Christmas kleenex box with an owl on it ;)
The Christmas tree in the middle my Grandma made for me.
Stockings. From L to R. Brent, Me, Willow, Gracie.
(Yes my dogs have stockings)
Some more decor
Book Shelf.
The Prints was a Pinterest idea!
I change them out every holiday/season
I love snowmen, so this is my little collection underneath the TV
The Christmas Tree with presents underneath!!
And though this doesn't have anything to do with Christmas this is a picture of all my nieces this past weekend. They were too cute not to put on here ;)
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!



  1. My grandma has a tree just like the one your grandma made for you! And I love that even your kleenex box is festive. :)

  2. I love those presents!!! That's the fun theme I have going at my house :)

  3. So glad you linked up with us this week :) I LOVE your window stickers, we always had those when I was little. My mom also collected snowmen so that is a great reminder of the season for me. Also, the picture with your nieces is so precious! Such sweethearts.

  4. Mmmm snow! Love it!
    New follower!