Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nashville & Groop Dealz Yo!

Have you guys heard of the website Groopdealz?
If not, you must!.
I stumbled across this website via another blogger.
She had said that they were having some amazing deals on Cyber Monday.
So I thought I would check it out.
I'm so glad I did! (Though the wallet & husband I'm sure probably said 'oh great')

Here are some of there dealz today!

Only $15! Made to order!

Pockat Mirrors for only $2.50! (Great stocking stuffers)

I have already gotten a scarf and some jewelry from there. 2 scarves for $5! And a bracelet for $5. Check it out if you can!
(All opinion on here are my own, I was not asked my Groopdealz to do this)


If you didn't see last nights episode of Nashville please read no further!

I just love this show!
I totally think that Scarlett and Gunnar NEED to hook up!
They would be perfect for each other! Besides her ex boyfriend was a loser and a cheater!

There music together is so pretty. Usually after every episode I am downloading the songs!

In the beginning of the show I didn't really like Juliette Barnes but as the season progresses I have become to like her.
I can't believe Hayden really sings in the show, she has an amazing voice.
I felt really bad after this last episode when her boyfriends mother said that to her. She genuinely liked his family and wanted to be apart of it.
I can't believe she asked him to marry her!
I think it was way to soon!

And of course the drama with Rayna & Teddy.
Teddy should have just told Rayna from the beginning what was going on with the whole embezzlement thing but then it wouldn't be a good show right?

Check out some of their music if you can! Do any of you watch the show? What do you think of it? Characters you love? Hate?



  1. Loooove Groopdealz!! I've bought a ton of cute things from there and tell everyone about it! haha. oh and SO glad I saw your spoiler alert line. If I hadn't, I would've been screwed. Nashville's sitting in my DVR right now and I can't wait to see it!

  2. those mirrors are too cute! i love nashville too, but scarlett is getting on my nerves. hook up with gunnar already!

  3. i love nashville! my favorite songs are fade into you, if i didn't know better, and telescope (the version by rayna's daughters)