Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Third Wheel

That's what I am feeling like lately.
The Third Wheel.
O.C. fans out there?
It's like that episode where Ryan feels like the third wheel with Marissa & Oliver
Or when Kristen Wiigs character in bridesmaids doesn't get to sit by Maya Rudolph but the other chick does.
Anywho, so here are a few reasons why.
I grew up in a big family.
2 sisters
2 brothers
My sisters shared a bedroom growing up because they are only 14months apart in age.
Obviously my 2 brothers shared a room because they are male.
My sisters each had each other as their maid of honors for their weddings.
I was put as the last person in the line of bridesmaids.
So partially to be vindictive I did the same in my wedding.
They also have 2 daughters each around the same age.
I've always felt left out being the youngest sister. The need to fit in, relate, and wanting to be included. I realize that this sounds so dumb but it's something I will always struggle with.
(ask my husband, lol)
I also feel that way with friends.
Maybe this is in part to do how I felt growing up with my sisters but I feel like when I make someone a friend and I make them a priority that the feelings should go both ways.
There isn't a thing I wouldn't do for my friends.
Sometimes when all your friends get together do you ever notice that people break off in to mini groups? Or you ever feel like the third wheel in a group of friends?
I feel I always put my friends feelings, thoughts, problems, etc. before mine.
It hurts when it doesn't go both ways.
I hate the feeling of being left out.
I guess its selfish to ask friends not to do things with out you.
For instance, you want to have a get together but the date doesn't work for you?
Don't have it till it works for everyone.
Selfish? idk.
I guess I just wish that the people I love and care about most treated me the way I treat them.
I just want someone to call me their best friend, confidant, etc.
To know that I would do anything for them and hope they would do the same.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

10 on Tuesday

1.) I am currently reading Amanda Knox's book.
Very interesting, I can't decide if I think she is guilty or not.
2.) I have started using Ulta's brand of foundation and holy amazeballs do I love it!
3.) OPI came out with their San Francisco collection and I have to say it's my favorite
It puts me in the mood for fall and I love all the dark colors
4.) My cousin told me about this app for the iphone called CoCoppa
It allows you to use different icon pictures for your apps.
All of my apps are very cute looking now and I have had a fun time changing them!
5.) Last night at work we booked in this drunk guy on a probation hold and he proceeded to tell me in his drunken stupor that he was going to kill me and my family. Um, no.
6.) I started watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Holy lesbianess! I didn't know!
haha. However, I am only on the 3rd episode but I like it!
7.) I read an article that Big Brother could possibly be pre determined/rigged this year.
If the winner is the one they say it is (Amanda) I will never watch this show again
and yes I have been watching it for many years now.
8.) I saw a preview for a new show starting this fall with Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar called The Crazy Ones Hope it's good
Ugh, like I need ANOTHER show to watch!
9.) I am going to the Miranda Lambert concert in October with the bestie and I am pumped!
10.) I am currently obsessed with Katy Perry's new song Roar
Yes I may sing at the top of my lungs to it on my way to work
Oh yes, I am a loud car singer
If you ever pass me, you may even see dance moves!

Monday, August 19, 2013

This Weekend

My apologies for being a horrible blogger!
Truth is, I don't have interesting things to blog about so I thought you would all be bored!
However, this past week, the hubs and I went to VEGAS!
We had a BLAST.
Saw 2 shows,
Cirque De Solei Michael Jackson & Ka
MJ was amazing! Ka, was blah, actually, I didn't like it at ALL
Went to Fremont St
Won a good amount of Moola
Had some cheap drinks
Walked the strip
Ate some delicious food
Did some shopping
Enjoyed some alone time with the hubs
and we didn't even fight!
Ha, ok maybe little things here and there ;)
See pics below :)
Photo: Love
Photo: Vegas!
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My sick love of school supplies

I have a school supplies...this time of the year I feel the need to buy school supplies, as
if I was still IN school.
You know what I'm talking about ladies.
You walk in to Target.
And all of the bright colors
dollar bin,
it catches your eye!
And for some reason it finds it's way in to my cart.
Even if the husband says no.

BIC .7mm Mechanical Pencils - 40ct
Skip Hop Zoo Bookends Owl
Owl book ends
Sharpie 25ct Fine Tip Permanent Markers - Assorted Colors
College Essentials at Bed Bath and Beyond
Neon Office Supplies
latest lust: chic office supplies
Someone should host a "office supply/school supply" swap!
I would be ALL over that goodness!

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Recap

I had a great weekend this weekend.
I came home from training to find that my husband had purchased a riding lawn mower.

Photo: Hubby playing with "his new toy"
After this purchase, i didn't see my husband for the rest of the night. It attracted the male neighbors as well ;)
Before we got home from buying the lawn  mower we picked a few things for the Milwaukee Brewer game on Saturday. I found these chips.
Photo: @jackiefelts saw these and thought of u! Now u can try this combination!!
Verdict? They were AWFUL!
Waste of money, blah!
We went to a Brewer game with some of my co workers,
husband, and my husbands cousin.
Photo: Brewer game!
(PS, love my new sling purse I got off of groopdealz!)
Because Ryan Braun has been suspended for the rest of the season
*yes I am still proudly wearing his jersey
the brewers organization if giving every fan a free $10 voucher during the month of
Photo: Thank u Ryan Braun for the $10!

I chose to spend mine on a delicious frozen margarita that came in a souvenir cup!
Our lazy day before work starts up.
Watched our shows
Big Brother
The Killing (season finale)
Ray Donovan
Anyone watch Big Brother?
Ugh, I'm ready for Amanda to LEAVE
she is mean and vindictive!
*Almost as bad as GM's accent!
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