Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My sick love of school supplies

I have a addiction...to school supplies...this time of the year I feel the need to buy school supplies, as
if I was still IN school.
You know what I'm talking about ladies.
You walk in to Target.
And all of the bright colors
dollar bin,
it catches your eye!
And for some reason it finds it's way in to my cart.
Even if the husband says no.

BIC .7mm Mechanical Pencils - 40ct
Skip Hop Zoo Bookends Owl
Owl book ends
Sharpie 25ct Fine Tip Permanent Markers - Assorted Colors
College Essentials at Bed Bath and Beyond http://pinterest.com/mikylecrockett/ahmovein2013/
Neon Office Supplies
latest lust: chic office supplies
Someone should host a "office supply/school supply" swap!
I would be ALL over that goodness!

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  1. Im with you, someone should def host a office/school supply swap!

  2. Oh my goodness those owl bookends are adorable. I just justified some school purchases by deciding to turn the 4th bedroom to an office/craft space for my little self. Also so excited to find another Wisconsin girl's blog. Just started mine.

    Dawn @lifeinthesack

  3. Oooh let's plan an office supply swap, I'm totally in! I'm OBSESSED!