Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Recap

I had a great weekend this weekend.
I came home from training to find that my husband had purchased a riding lawn mower.

Photo: Hubby playing with "his new toy"
After this purchase, i didn't see my husband for the rest of the night. It attracted the male neighbors as well ;)
Before we got home from buying the lawn  mower we picked a few things for the Milwaukee Brewer game on Saturday. I found these chips.
Photo: @jackiefelts saw these and thought of u! Now u can try this combination!!
Verdict? They were AWFUL!
Waste of money, blah!
We went to a Brewer game with some of my co workers,
husband, and my husbands cousin.
Photo: Brewer game!
(PS, love my new sling purse I got off of groopdealz!)
Because Ryan Braun has been suspended for the rest of the season
*yes I am still proudly wearing his jersey
the brewers organization if giving every fan a free $10 voucher during the month of
Photo: Thank u Ryan Braun for the $10!

I chose to spend mine on a delicious frozen margarita that came in a souvenir cup!
Our lazy day before work starts up.
Watched our shows
Big Brother
The Killing (season finale)
Ray Donovan
Anyone watch Big Brother?
Ugh, I'm ready for Amanda to LEAVE
she is mean and vindictive!
*Almost as bad as GM's accent!
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  1. Braun. Boo. Is it bad the only reason we are trying for a game this month is to get that voucher? hahaha.

  2. Love that sling purse, so cute!