Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I'm loving...that today I don't have to work. After the past 2 nights and some of things that went on, I'm glad to not be working!

I'm loving...that Erin Codren sent me a code for $20 off any purchase. Mama needs some more address labels!!

(code is xoxo20)

I'm loving...getting to see Safe Haven tonight and Buffalo Wild Wings with a friend. (I'm sure the movie won't be as good as the awesome book though)

I'm loving...the Mindy Project. Seriously. Funny show. You need to watch.

I'm Loving...that Argo came out today and the hubs is buying it after work.
Now I just need to wait for Silver Linings Playbook!

I'm loving...that I'm getting a new blog design and for an awesome deal. I can't wait till it's all done!!

I'm loving...the thought of all things that I will be doing this summer. It can't come soon enough!

What are you loving today?



  1. I LOVE the mindy project too, it's so hilarious!! Do you watch New Girl? That one's our absolute must watch :)

    And can't wait to see your new design! Who's doing it?

  2. ooo I didn't know about the Erin Condren discount code - thanks girl!

  3. I want to read and see Safe Haven! It looks very good! Especially Josh Duhamel... ;)

  4. I got the Erin Condren discount code but don't know WHAT ti order!

  5. are you getting the blog design through that one gal?

    The Mindy Project is one of the funniest shows out there.

    I've always wondered where those fun labels you send me come from. Now I know.

  6. I love that I'm your lucky leprechaun partner. Email me t so we can talk and coordinate to do our switch.

  7. I'm loving the Mindy Project too...Silver Linings Playbook was so good!