Monday, February 18, 2013

This Weekend I (1)

So this weekend was very low key
You will have that when you get your wisdom teeth removed on Thursday


Consisted of laying around.
I had gotten some Chinese food from a local place in town.
Best mei fun noodles ever

I also wanted to rent the movie Perks of Being a Wallflower because I had read the book this past summer.
The movie didn't disappoint, stayed very true to the book

We also washed all the blankets that we use on the couch and gave our pup Gracie a bath. (Exciting I know)


I was feeling much better but not well enough to ride in the car for 3 hours to go to my nephews bday party.
This was a picture of him opening our gift..not sure if he liked it ;)

Brent and I did a little shopping on Saturday.
Old Navy
Ulta Beauty
Ashley Furnitureland

Just got a few little things at Target and Ulta

We also stopped at our local humane society.
We had to leave after 30 minutes because I wanted to adopt every dog there.
(Minus the German Shepard that jumped and barked at me, I don't think he liked me)
We rented the movie Seven Psychopaths needless to say is was no bueno

Also watched SNL


Another low key day.
Got the Sunday Paper
Picked up a few groceries
Ate at iHOP
Went to Barnes & Noble
Watched the Walking Dead
Watched the Amazing Race

See the couple on the left hand side in Pink/plaid?
yeah, I don't like them already, I hope they don't win. hehe.

Well that was my weekend! What did you do?!



  1. 1) Chinese food is my fave! So good!
    2) Boo for getting your wisdom teeth taken out! Rough healing time, at least I did!
    3) LOVE the name "Katers Potaters"! It made me laugh!

    Thanks for linking up Katie!

  2. I cannot wait to see Perks!!

    Also, I think I might be the only person not into The Walking Dead. I wish I had started watching it sooner!

    Head over to tomorrow to enter our giveaway!

  3. low key weekends are good! especially after getting your wisdom teeth out. I got a tooth pulled I've been doped up and lazy!

  4. i'm sure Henry loves your present! i hope to see Perks soon! what did you think of SNL? and i hate that Amazing Race team too! how much more tan can that guy get! and of course she seems like a class A biotch!

  5. Perks of Being a Wallflower was great... book and movie!