Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm the kinda girl who...

...lives for a deal

...is always trying to find free stuff

...has an obsession with makeup

...collects way to many nail polishes

...likes to pretend to 'book' trips and plan for them and then exit out

...had a dreamsicle martini once and it was heaven, haven't been able to find one since.

...has a serious crush on Robert Kennedy (yes I realize he is dead but I think he was a great man)

...fascinated with the Kennedy family in general

prefers white cheddar popcorn

dreams of having a King Charles Caviler some day

can quote the movie Bridesmaids from beginning to end

could eat chicken every day of the week

wants to go to North Carolina & Seattle some day

likes to put ranch on everything



  1. love love LOVE Bridesmaids! certainly one of my favorites to quote too!
    new follower from the linkup!

  2. I am a totally pretend trip booker!! I always like to plan trips online, then exit out when I realize I'm broke. Hey, never stop dreaming right?!

    Thanks for linking up lady!!

  3. I love the Kennedy family too! Also want a King Charles Cavalier. Stopping by from the I'm the Kinda Girl link up.

  4. I love me some white cheddar popcorn too! and that martini sounds AMAZING!! Also love Bridesmaids and ranch on everything. We have a lot in common! haha