Friday, February 15, 2013



I can't begin to tell you how excited I am it's Friday.
It's finally my weekend off, so what if I had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and I still have chipmunk cheeks according to my Dad??

I am tired of shoveling snow, it's a great work out but really? And this 10 degree weather can go. If you want to be 30 degrees I can work with that.

I'm excited because tonight my husband is renting Perks of being a Wallflower for me tonight

I have read the book so I'm hoping the movie will be somewhat similar (I hate when movies change the ending to books) Plus my girl Emma Watson is in it, if she can rock Hermonie she can rocks this movie!

I'm so happy that the salon I go to had OPI nail polish for 40% off...needless to say this home girl stocked up on a few bottles!

Although my birthday is 3 months away I want to do something fun for it this year. I want to have my friends, sisters, and cousins over...does that make me sound like I'm in middle school? err, IDK.

Now that Valentines day is over I plan on putting up my St. Patty's day decor.

I'm bummed my one & only nephew Henry is having is 1st birthday tomorrow and I just don't think I will be up to driving 3 hours to see him. However I had a blast picking out a birthday present for him. I hope he likes it!



  1. I wish I could find an OPI sale like that! I'm addicted to that stuff. Also, your nephew is incredibly adorable. :)

  2. did you like the movie? i loved it, and thought it was very true to the book (the author wrote the screenplay and directed it).