Thursday, February 7, 2013

WILW....err Thursday?

Happy Thursday's yo!
Yeah so I know it Thursday and I am doing WILW however I didn't have any access to the Internet (except my phone yesterday and almost all of today)
so I am back tracking/catching up.
It's amazing how many blogs I need to catch up on reading when I am away from the Internet for 2 days!!

I'm loving...that even though I am exhausted I had a great time watching my 2 nieces

Photo: Double Trouble!!

I'm bed. Seriously I wish I could live in my bed. (I do sometimes lol, watch tv, read, even eat in it) Yeah don't judge me!

I'm loving...that Safe Haven is a movie. (Posting about the book tomorrow)

I'm loving...the possibility of going out to Yellowstone this summer! How beautiful and fun would that me

I'm loving...that I get to see this concert this summer with my sister and Jen

I'm loving...that I just might get an Iphone or a Samsung Galaxy III S...up for a new phone but I'm not sure which one to get.

I'm loving...that for St. Patty's day I get to hang out with this girl. I foresee green beer and lots of great laughs in our night!!

I'm loving...that our tax return money came today. Hello savings account and Vegas...and bills. wah wah.



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