Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Randomness

Happy Thursday everybody!

Time for some Thursday randomness brought to you by me.

Just got done with a Dr. appointment that went rather well. I must say I love my regular Dr. she is super nice and gets me in and out.

Stopped at good ol Walmart and did some grocery shopping. While buying bloody marry ingredients for my Brewer game/birthday party I felt the need to buy 2 of everything. It's noon on a Thursday and I am drinking a bloody marry with ALL the fixings. I realize this makes me sound like an alcoholic but I today is my day off and I'm not doing anything else! I assure you this isn't an everyday occurrence ;)

I had my first professional massage yesterday courtesy of my wonderful husband. He got me a gift card awhile ago and I finally decided to use it. O.M.G. why I didn't use it earlier I have no idea! It was PURE heaven! The hour went by so fast!! The place was so calming and relaxing!

I am currently listening to Pandora. I put in 90's pop radio N'sync' I want you back'  and I am in love with this station! Good songs!

Oh now Christina Aguliera's Genie In a Bottle is on!

makes me wonder what happened to my cd's?

It's currently thunder storming here and my dog Willow hates thunderstorms! He feels the need to cry and bark every time he here's a crackle of thunder. Anyone else's dog do this?

Well that's it here. I had other things I was going to write and I totally forgot them all. I'm always thinking about things to blog about but then when it comes time to do so...I can't remember?! Happy Thursday...weekend is almost here!


  1. Just turned on the 90's pop station on my pandora because of you... sounds like your having a nice little Thursday :)

  2. I love massages! I wish I could get one like every week lol.

  3. Ahhh I love 90's music!!! So fun - now you are making me wish I was drinking a bloody mary:)

  4. I had a massage back in March as a gift from my boyfriend and OMG IT WAS SO RELAXING!! I may get another one in the summer because I still have $$ on the card. :)

  5. Aren't massages the best?!?! I love Pandora 90's takes me back to when lift was simple.

  6. So jealous of your massage! It sounds heavenly! Sorry Willow doesn't like storms. Both Meadow and Beckett seem to be OK with storms...but my parent's dog hides in the bathroom during thunder storms.