Monday, August 27, 2012

Just another Manic Monday err weekend, in the jail

Ok so not really. More like a manic weekend. Work weekend that is...

Let's start out with Friday night in the jail.
Attempted suicide in the jail.
Around 7o'clock at night there was a call on the radio for all available officers to get to 2nd floor for an inmate who was trying to hang himself. I never ran so fast in my life. Of course the elevators couldn't have gone ANY slower.
This inmate had taken off his uniform and tied it around his neck to the bars and was trying to drop to his knees. However one of the girls I work with was using all her strength to hold him up and tell him no stop. Luckily she was able to hold him up until another officer was able to arrive and help her.
By the time I got there they had him down. I helped walk him in to the mental health area.
Shortly after that I noticed that he was taking the special made suicide blanket and trying to find something to hang it on. We then had to go in to his cell and take that away from him.

Saturday night.

Working as Intake officer. Night started out pretty well. Until, I had to take away a female inmates mail. Inmate are only allowed to have 6 inches of mail in their property tote. This female probably had 20 inches of mail. I asked her to hand me some of her mail out so I could put it in her property bag she FREAKED out. She started talking to herself and crying. I eventually got her calmed down after 15 minutes of telling her I was trying to take over her space but just follow the rules and take a little bit away and store it in her property bag. I kept telling her she would get it when she would leave. (Now this wasn't even 'mail' it was just a ton of paper that she had written things on. While scanning it, it appeared she was having conversations with herself on the paper.

Sunday night.
Shakedown. We did shakedowns in 4 different pods aka housing units. Let's just say I sweating by the time we were done going through everything! An male inmate happened to have to many socks in his possession. I tried explaining this to him but he just kept trying to talk over me and clapping as he was talking. It was going nowhere. Eventually I just had to tell him, look, point is, you can only have 3 you have 4, I'm taking one and putting it in your property. The great thing about this night was that the Sergeant bought DQ Blizzards for everyone afterwards. YUM!!

How was your weekend?



  1. I don't know how you do it. I would lose my mind after working in a jail like that for the weekend. Takes someone special!

  2. yay for blizzards but jeez....crazy weekend! so scary about the person attempting is only jail. (hopefully that doesn't sound isn't prison) but you sure have an exciting job!!! and you're great at it!

  3. YIKES! You totally earned that Blizzard!