Tuesday, March 5, 2013

10 On Tuesday

1.) Thank you to all of the wonderful comments and emails I got from yesterday's post. I guess I am not the only one who feels that way!
2.) Found these could flats today at Kohls today for $7...winning

SO Flats - Juniors
3.) Excited that Vegas is only a few weeks away. This girl needs to leave the state ASAP.
4.) I get to babysit these 2 cute munchkins Wednesday and Thursday. Oh I can't wait.


5.) Found yet another swap to participate in. This one looks super fun and right up my ally! Check it out here

6.) I am loving The Following. Seriously this show is the bomb dot com and you should watch it. Every week is suspenseful.
7.) Started tanning last week for Vegas so I don't look like a ghost. I burned my ass and hips this weekend though. Ouch. Just get tan already so I can stop doing it.
8.) My dog Gracie finds it funny when I take her out to go potty to NOT go. It's annoying. I wish she would just hurry up and go. Dog is driving me nuts!
9.) I asked Brent to cook us dinner tonight.
We are having Domino's pizza
10.) My husband is bringing home this tonight. Since I'm a nerd and love history I can't wait to watch it. Yes people actually attempted to STEAL President Lincoln's body!

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  1. Cute shoes!! And what a cute swap idea...thanks for sharing!!

  2. Have fun in Vegas! We were suppose to go this summer for a wedding, but the budget wasn't having it. Jealous you get to leave this gunk though :)

  3. Oh the shoes are adorable!! I think some black ones I have are very similar and from Kohl's too. I've been wanting more colors!

    and OHEMGEE the following is SO good. Did you see that there's eight more episodes?! That makes me so happy. ha

  4. 2. Those are so cute. Love it when I find cute shoes AND they're on sale.
    3. Vegas? Fun! I was just there in February & had a blast. Want to go back so bad already.
    4. Cutie patuties.
    5. Thanks so much for the swap shout out. Partners are being sent out later today, yay!
    6. Totally agree! Always wondered why Kevin Bacon hadnt gotten his own TV show, he's so good.
    7. Haha, oh no. I have never ever been tanning. Then again I'm kind of dark all the time so guess I dont need it.
    9. Bahaha, such a dude thing to do.
    10. You totally remind me of my husband. He's a huge history nerd and would probably love this.

    Thanks so much for linking up!