Monday, March 4, 2013

All That Fluff

All That Fluff...
So I have been meaning to write this post for awhile but I haven't.
However today I discovered a new blogger who posted about it and I decided to write about it.
So bare with me!
How come it seems that when I write about something serious (depression, work, friends, family) I only get 1 comment?
When I write about a new nail polish 8 people will comment?
Seriously I don't get it?
Don't get me wrong. I like posting about fun, light stuff.
I love doing swaps.
But I have been blogging for over a year and am far from 100 followers?
Is it because I don't do sponsors? Because I don't do huge giveaways?
I don't know...
I just want people to sometimes write more 'real' blogs
I like getting to know each of you on a personal level.
When I see real posts I feel like I can connect with you.
You know what I mean?

So anyways I will get off my soap box...
Do you (fellow bloggers) have any suggestions?
How to get more followers?
I will leave you with this swap that I came across.
Yes another one ;)
Interested? Stop by here
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  1. I completely 100% agree with this. I'm guilty of commenting on fluff posts, because sometimes it's hard to know the appropriate response to a deep post. But as a blogger, I know that I value those comments on my difficult posts WAY more than my fluff posts! Honestly, I've learned a lot lately that number of followers does NOT equal number of readers. While both seem to be growing for me right now, you're totally right that number of followers is directly related to sponsors/giveaways/blog hops/things that require a follow to participate. Some of those things are more worthwhile than others. Right now I'm trying to take a step back, write less fluff posts, comment on more meaningful posts that I read, and really get back to why I started blogging in the first place - to share my story (not my new nail polish!) It seems like we're in the same boat. :)

  2. I agree with Kim in that I'm guilty of commenting more on fluff posts. And I read so much more than I comment...but then I go back to my posts and see that I had 10+ views on a post and no comments. Did nobody like it? Maybe. But they also may have done what I just did to without commenting, even though they enjoyed it.

    I've been blogging for almost 2 years and have no where near as many followers as some bloggers get in 2 months. I've found that link-ups help get my blog out there. I've only done a few (free) sponsorships and a couple giveaways and swaps. I also don't use Twitter or Facebook for my page like many bloggers do. I recently found myself stressing out about getting a post up every day. I had to take a step back and remember to blog when I WANT to...and if I don't feel like it- that's okay!

    Keep doin' what you're doin'- I love reading (even if I don't comment all the time!)

  3. Good post hun. And I agree, I'm stuck on some numbers as well. I gladly do button swaps, but I'm not a huge sponsor/giveaway type person either. But I agree with the other girls, there's a difference between readers and followers. And my "readers" are only a handful compared to my GFC number. Those are the people who I actually know read what I'm writing, and who take the time to email me or talk to me outside of the blog. I like that small number better :)

    And like you said, the fluff vs the real stuff. My post today has gotten more views then any other page, but I only have had 3 comments. I can't help but feel it bothers me a bit. If you're going to read something, comment! I'm just as guilty, but I try to comment every blog that I take the time to read. It just means a bit more.

  4. YES. So freaking glad that we found each other through our loser blogs haha! I am always on the lookout for a "real" blogger that I can connect with and relate to. Glad I've found another blog to add to my list!

  5. I absolutely love this. I feel the exact same way. I get so frustrated that i get so many comments on "fluff posts" and 0-1 comments on real posts.
    I don't have a large number of followers but what has really helped me is sponsoring Ricci ( & Allie ( they do a great job at getting my blog out there and they are so nice to work with! So if you are looking at sponsoring a blog I would choose one or both of them!

  6. i also don't get it. I've written some personal posts and hardly got any comments. but a post about nail polish is the most popular. :P

  7. Oh man I love this post! I couldn't agree more. (Also LOVE the Bridesmaids GIF! haha) Because of this I end up staying away from very personal posts but that's just not that way it should be. I get worried too that I'm annoying everyone with all my Violet talk but in the end it's YOUR blog. Write what you wanna write about. I've had my blog since 2009 and am just barely over 250 followers. I'm not worried about it though ;) Your true friends will stick around and will genuinely care about you and your life!

  8. As much fun as it can be to read about someone's new nail design or outfit, I prefer real life posts. Not that I'm saying it should all be serious but sometimes it's nice to know that the person typing out the posts aren't just fashionista robots haha.

    Blogging is a community where we go to interact with people like us, sadly you and I are probably in the minority of wanting to read about 'real life issues'. If it makes you feel any better it took me about 2 years to hit my first 100 blog followers. It wasnt until this year (4th yr of blogging) that realized those numbers are completely irrelevant. Blog for yourself, and if anyone reads/comments just consider it a bonus :)