Thursday, March 14, 2013

Amusement Parks

Ever since I was little I loved amusement parks.
My parents took us to them all the time.
The bigger and higher the roller coaster the better!
Here are some of my favorites:
Valley Fair
Shakopee MN

Favorite Roller Coaster would have to be the Wild Thing.
I love it!
Universal Studios Orlando
This roller coaster at Hogwarts was so fun. It was one of the few that I could get my husband to go on!

And this one also at Universal Studios
I had to ride this one by myself
My husband has a fear of heights and if you can tell this one is pretty steep and scary but it was so fun! You even got to the pick the music you wanted to hear while you were riding the roller coaster!

Gurnee Mills IL

Six Flags Great America
Raging Bull

So these are some of my favorites.
What are yours?
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  1. I want to go to universal studios so bad just to ride the roller coaster at hogwarts! I don't really go to many amusement parks I've only been to six flags and cedar point. They are so much fun though!

  2. My sister and I went to Six Flags over Texas last year, and we both got so nauseous! We were only able to ride three rides. That has never happened to us before! The other day she said, 'Hey, remember when we went to Six Flags and found out we're old!'

  3. Hi There!!
    I am your blog swap partner and your 100th follower!! Nice to meet ya:) I am having a good time poking around on here:)