Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Happy Tuesday everybody!

Today I am going to tell you a situation that has been bothering. After you read it your going to think, really? But the little things bother me!

So last week Brent and I were outside in the front yard playing with the dogs. Brent went in to the garage to do something and I was still standing outside with my puppies.

The neighbors that live next to me (both our age) have a cute dog named Bella and the neigbors 2 houses down also have a dog.

Heather and Sarah (the name of the 2 neighbors) take their dogs on walks all the time together. Well on this particular night they were coming back from taking their walk and my dog Gracie saw them with their dogs. Gracie LOVES other dogs but when she gets intimidated or scared she barks like no other. And that is exactly what she did. She took off and came right up to Sarah and Heather and started barking.

I immediately ran after her, however I was in my crocs (that's right I own a pair of crocs to take my dogs out. lol) and couldn't get to her fast enough. Gracie kept running around them and I was basically chasing her in a circle. I kept saying 'I'm so sorry' to the both of them. Not once did they stop their conversation or even look at me. I finally got Gracie and picked her up and looked at them. Neither one even acknowledged I was standing there.

I felt like this...

I went in to the house and started crying. My husband asked me what was wrong and I told him. He just said 'there bitches" lol. I wish the girls would ask me to walk my dog(s) with them. We are all the same age. I just feel like a dumb high school girl who gets left out. I wish they would say hey Katie want to come along?

Then we could all be like this...

Ok so maybe I'm being a little dramatic. lol. Luckily the girl Kim across the street is nice enough to talk to us. Her husband and mine get along really well. (sports talk) They have even watched our house for a week when we went to the Bahamas. So at least not all the neighbors hate us.

I realize that this sounds trivial but I just want people to like me. I hate the feeling of being left out. If they don't like me they could at least acknowledge that I'm there!


  1. Your husbands right they are stupid bitches. Stuff like this always bothers me as well.

    They are the ones that are missing out on an amazing person!!!


  2. I forgot to tell you...
    I nominated you for a major award.
    Check it out.

  3. i will take those bitches down, you know that. :) i understand how you feel but now you need to realize you are way better than them and they are lucky even if you look their way!

  4. I definitley agree with Brent, what bitches! Like the least they could do is be like oh its okay no worries or whatever. When people's dogs come up to us or bark, I always say hi or something to the owners, it's just common courtesy. Your neighbors suck and it's their loss they don't get to have a friend as amazing as you.

  5. If I was there with you we would have our own doggie walking group and they wouldnt be invited!!! LOL. Keep your head up chicka, you are more than loved :)


  6. Girls can be soooo mean. :( Kill them with kindness, that's what I try to do. Hope they start being nicer! (stopping in from Laurens blog)