Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where would I love to live?

Today I am joining Cole for "3 on Thursday". This week's question is

Sometimes it's fun to envision packing up and moving to a new city/state. Where are three places that you'd consider living?

1.) Boston, MA
My husband and I visited Boston 3 years ago and I fell in LOVE with this city. We stayed there for 4 days and got to see so much and yet not enough! Every time house hunters is on and they go to Boston Brent & I imagine living there!

2.) Orlando, Florida

I've been here once for my honeymoon and loved it. The weather is so nice. The hubs and I always talk about 'when we retire' we are going to live here.

3.) North Carolina

Ok so I've never actually been here (though I do have an Uncle and 2 cousins who live there) but I've heard nothing but 'good things' about the state. I definitely want to visit this state soon!

Where would you want to live?


  1. I live in North Carolina!! I love it here just because you can drive through the mountains, the city, and the beach all in 6 hours! I also LOVE Orlando, mainly because of Disney World :) haha and boooo Red Sox!! I'm a yanks fan ;)

  2. Ah, love that you chose Boston! When you come back here, we need to meet. :-)

  3. I like all three of those places (well I've never been to the first two but Florida)