Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunshine Award

Sarah at Barbie's World so kindly gave me The Sunshine Award!

Favorite Color:

My favorite color is Black, Grey and White. Yes I understand that these are more 'blan' colors but they work the best for me and I love the black and white theme I attempt to have in my house!

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink:

That would have to be Pepsi. I used to drink 'Coke' before I met my husband but since I was always going to his place when we were dating I just grew an acquired taste for Pepsi. Also 2 weeks ago I tried Lipton Green Tea w/ citrus and I really liked it! So now before I head in to work I stop and get one!

Facebook or Twitter:

Facebook. I don't have a twitter account. It's not that I don't want one because I do but I only know like 2 people that have it and I don't know what to write on it!

My passion:

Well that would have to be my family and friends of course. Other then the obvious I would have to say I have a 'movie passion' and 'reading'

Favorite Animals:

Dogs of course! I love my furry babies!

Getting or giving presents:

Giving. I really love giving my friends and family gifts. If I see something in a store that reminds me of a specific person, chances are I'm going to get it for them. (Assuming it's a reasonable price ;)

Favorite pattern:

I love polka dots but lately I have been getting in to the Chevron style!

Favorite Flower:

Gerber Daises. I tried planting some last year but they died within the first few weeks. I also had them in my wedding, they are so pretty and colorful. Such a friendly flower!

Now it's time to give the award to 5 of my fellow bloggers! (Sarah & Miranda I'm not giving you the award because 1, you gave it to me and 2 Sarah gave Miranda the award.

1.) Courtney @ Courtney Cakes
2.) Ashlee @ Front Porch looking in
3.) Victoria @ Vibrantly Victoria
4.) Kristin @ Live, Laugh, Love
5.) Kelly @ Small Town Girl


  1. I love chevron too! So fun getting to learn about your favorites! Have a great day!

  2. Black is one of my favorite colors too! You should totally get a twitter account, if you have a smart phone. Its so fun and will increase your blog traffic!

  3. AHHH!! I love it!!!
    Totally get a twitter!! I got retweeted by TWO giants!!! Plus we can totally be twitter friends ;)

  4. you know you should totally do twitter (i have only been bugging you forever :) ) and trust me you figure out what to write...i promise :)

  5. Thanks for the sunshine award! :) Twitter seems confusing at first but I love following verified celebs and seeing their tweets. Plus if you follow companies and tweet them with a problem, they tweet back!

  6. I love your pups :) If you get a twitter I'll be your friend on there haha!

  7. I LOVE chevron patterns!!!!! And thank you so much, Katie that is super sweet! I have been trying to follow you forever, but my blogger kept messing up!! Grr!!! I finally got it to work and can't wait to catch up on all of your posts :))