Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday

Just Peachy
Today I'm picking the Top 5 places I would want to visit in the U.S.
1.) New York
I would love to go to New York someday. They are so many places I would love to visit there!
2.) Washington
I think that Seattle would be so pretty to visit. Yes I've heard that it rains there a lot but I wouldn't mind.
3.) North Carolina
My uncle lives here and I've always wanted visit. It seems like such a pretty state!
4.) Texas
My husband and I were debating weather or not to go here last year. We decided to go to the Bahamas instead. However I bet there is so much to do in Texas

5.) Maine

This has got to be one of the most beautiful places in the United States! I've been here once when I was younger but I didn't appreciate it for what it was. I could see my husband and I staying at a little bed & breakfast and taking a walk along the coast. Oh I want to go here so bad!


  1. Ohhh when you visit Maine let me know:) I go up there ALL the time in the summer - I love it there! Happy Tuesday!

  2. Texas is amazing! If you ever go there you will have a blast, there is so much to do and the food is yummy :)

  3. Where is AZ?
    We have the Grand Canyon & me!

  4. That's the lighthouse that Russel & I saw in Maine! so pretty!