Monday, July 8, 2013

This Weekend I...

Friday consisted of me getting only 4 1/2hrs of sleep.
I got up to find that my Mom and Brent had planted a row of hedges
it took them 3 1/2 hrs hours they got it all done.
It looks so nice.
Then we started in on the deck. It took about 4 hours.
By the time we were done I was exhausted!
My arms hurt so bad the rest of the night and Brent's
calf's hurt the rest of the weekend!
I got to spend the day with Jen, Ryan & Dexter
We grilled out.
Went to an ice cream place.
Played Jeopardy on the Wii.
Shot off some fireworks.
Had a few beers.
Took my pup to the emergency vet. :(
But over all it was great to hang out with the bestie and
have a chill Saturday night.
Photo: Lovers
Sunday: Was our low key day.
After Jen and Ryan left,
I began to have a major migraine
I took a 2 hour nap
Painted my nails
Still had a really bad migraine and the only thing that
would help was sleep.
So I laid down for another 2 hour nap.
Then got up in time to watch
The Killing
Big Brother
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  1. Sorry about your migraine & vet visit! Hope you're both doing better :)

  2. I watched sooo much Dexter this weekend! I'm obsessed. :)