Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Last Thing I...

Ladies. Please don't forget about the Wisconsin Blogger Get Together that I am putting together. I have had a ton of responses! So far it's looking like 8-10people! With more hopefully to participate!

Right now the location is looking like Wisconsin Dells as it is a central location...Time frame is looking like first weekend in October...however once I know everyone who wants to come I will send out a group e-mail to pick a date and time!!

Now for some fun! The Last thing I...


This little drink right here. (I am currently at Starbucks right now blogging because they knocked the power connection out at my house!) I totally recommend this drink! So refreshing and something different!!


Putting together this Wisconsin Blogger Get Together. I see people in other states do it all the time and I wish that I could do it so I thought, hey why not?! And like I said I am impressed by the amount of responses I have received via e-mail!!


Girls. I am in love. I purchased this Orgami Owl necklace online. If you haven't heard of it go check it out. Necklace was a little expensive but since it has arrived I've worn it every day!!
Origami Owl Love


This website that Neely posted:

This made my day, click it!

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Loved Doing:

I had a family dinner last night at my parents house. I got to see my brother who was home from the army. I also got to see my cute little nephew Henry. He may be the cutest baby I have ever seen!

Well that's it for today ladies! Hope your all having a wonderful week! (While currently at Starbucks a British family is sitting next to me and I am LOVING their accents :)


  1. Love British accents.
    Henry is totally cute...
    Good luck with planning the meet-up. I wish someone would do it in AZ (not me way too much on my plate)

  2. Hey hey hey! I'm also a Wisconsin blogger who'd love to be part of a meet up. I actually think Liz from chanel & chocolate cake mentioned this meet up the other day :) I'm in as long as I am not scheduled to work that weekend!

  3. still excited about the meet-up! just tried the refresher drink today for the first time and it was really good! i like that its a light drink but has caffeine!!!