Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Letters

Friday Letters

Dear Wisconsin: I'm done with the -25 with windchill temps. Today you decided to snow, that's fine but don't do it when I have to drive 45 minutes to work.

Dear Miranda: We need to plan to get together asap. I'm missing my bcf like mad over here!

Dear Diet: You won't be starting till after the super bowl. We were supposed to have a super bowl 'party' but Brent's parents cancelled...but I still plan on making all the food I was going to before.

Dear Taxes: Your getting turned in next Saturday and I hope you return the gift of lots of money.

Dear Vegas: Brent and I plan on booking you tomorrow once I wake up. I can't wait to spend the week with you and my husband.

Dear Parenthood (the show): You are such a great show and I can't stop watching you on netflix. Soon you will be over and then what will I do? (Find another show probably)

Dear Tattoo: I want another one, I've wanted another one for a long time. Let's make this happen, k?

Dear Work/weekend: You can hurry up and get done asap. Working 40 hrs in 3 days does not sound fun.

Dear Husband: I am more proud of you then I have ever been. Congrats on being nominated for national teacher of the year!

Dear Ulta: Please stop louring me in with your coupons and awesome makeup. My husband isn't going to like you!



  1. Hi Katie! Hopped over from Friday's Letters and love the colors on your blog. We actually might meet some friends in Vegas in May! Can't WAIT to hit up that area again.... SO fun! And that's AWESOME for your husband..... congrats to him!

  2. Your blog is so cute! I LOVE the colors :-) Happy Weekend! Can't wait to read more!!


  3. i want another tattoo too and ulta always reels me in with those damn coupons!!