Thursday, January 31, 2013

People Pleaser

People Pleaser.

That is me for sure.
I have been having bad anxiety this past week because I am to much of a people pleaser.
I constantly am trying to make everyone happy and not myself.

I want to please my boss, my coworkers, my family, my friends, strangers, etc.
It gets overwhelming.

I hate this feeling. I would rather make a friend happy then disappoint them.
I feel like whatever I do for certain friends or family isn't good enough.
I will put myself in a stressful situation just trying to please them.
Sometimes it involves 2 people and then I try to please them both. If I don't I will let one down.

For instance, last night a coworker and a good friend was being 'forced' for the 6am-10am shift. (We both had worked 6pm-6am)
She wanted me to take the shift, however I was tired and already worked 14hrs of overtime this week.
I could tell she was mad at me that I didn't take it because she was really short with me.
I told her if there was anything she needed tonight for work when we came in to let me know and I would get it for her. She just said 'yup'.

So the whole way home I cried because I just kept thinking she was mad at me and I should have just taken the shift for her.

Blah. I hate this. I hate being put in the middle of family members, friends, co workers. Can't we all just get along?
Why must you put me in the awkward position?
Doesn't anyone want to please me? lol.

If a family member is having a get together or birthday party of some sort and I can't go (previous plans, money wise, working, etc.)
I tell myself, 'great Katie, they are mad at you, they hate you now'.

Eek, how does one calm themselves down and not take on the problems of family and friends?
Sorry for the debbie downer post.
I will leave you with this hilarious SNL Digital Short from last week.
I actually downloaded it from iTunes. (Obsessed with iTunes)



  1. Girl, we must share a brain. I am the SAME way. I have to remind myself sometimes that it's out of my control. And I am TOTALLY in the same boat as you. For example...we got invited to a destination wedding this summer. It's not in the budget at all, especially cause I currently am unemployed, but we're having the hardest time saying no because it's family and we feel we'll be "hated" forever if we don't go. It's so hard when you want to put other people first. Try not to take it personal. Your coworker just may have been upset she had to work so many hours and instead took it out on you (crappy).

  2. I am the SAME exact way!! I always feel guilty telling people I won't take a shift at work when I could've used the $$ but I hate when they ask me last minute. I also feel the same way with one of my brothers (who is 5 years older than me)...he always is asking to borrow $$, use my car because he hasn't had one in 6-7 months, doesn't have a job. HE DRIVES ME NUTS!! i say no...and then immediately feel guilty because i should do it because it's family but then am torn because i feel like he only asks because he knows i will eventually cave/ONLY asks when he needs a favor. drives me nuts and he is doing it tonight. Your co-worker will get over it.

  3. i love lonely island... sorry to hear about your situation, but you just have to learn to say no!