Thursday, January 3, 2013

Movie Review

 If you haven't learned by now I am a huge movie watcher.
So I thought I would share some that I have seen recently and what I thought.

We will start with,


Great movie. I would give this movie an A.
I didn't know how this movie would end even though it was based on a true story. I think all the actors did a great job especially Ben Affleck.
Affleck helped produce this film. The man knows how to make some good flicks! A must see for sure


Daniel Day Lewis is nothing short of phenomanal in this film. I'm a huge history buff and love learning about history. I really liked this movie because it didn't focus on the killing of linking rather then one of his big rolls in life which was the 13th amendment. My favorite president of all time is Kennedy however after seeing this movie (inspired by true events) made me appreciate Lincoln much more. He truly was a great man.
Grade: A


First off I had a hard time looking at Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who is an amazing actor) because of what they did to his face! They tried making him look like Bruce Willis, younger. This movie was confusing at times for me and I kept asking my husband questions to make sure I understood it correctly. Glad I didn't pay to see it in the theaters but thought it was descent.
Grade: B/C


I thought this movie was awful. I couldn't wait till it was over. It had some great actors in it like Jon Travolta, Selma Hayek, and Blake Lively. I thought it was just a weird movie. It started out really well but then took a weird turn.

Grade: F

One for the Money.

I read the book before I saw this movie and I loved it! Stephanie Plum's character in the book cracks me up! I like Katherine Heigel as an actress. However this movie was eh...I just don't think she fit the part...or maybe the movie over all just didn't seem like a right fit.
Grade: C

Pitch Perfect

I bought this movie with out seeing it first. Which as we all know can be scary. But it was a good choice because I loved this movie! It was like Glee and Bring It On combined. So funny and I loved the singing! I even bought some of the music from the soundtrack! 'Fat Amy' or Rebel Wilson makes this movie. She is just a riot. Those who have seen the movie, this is my favorite quote of hers, "woomp there it is" Anna Kendrick did a great job as well.
Grade: A/B

Well ladies that's it for movies, I also just wanted to say I started the show Parenthood last night (watched 6 episodes, about 45mins each episode) and I am in love with this show! Darn you Netflix for having 3 seasons online!

One more day of work and then it's the weekend, I can't wait!!



  1. I had high hopes for Savages, it sucked balls. We turned it off not long into it.

    I have to see Pitch Perfect, I've heard its great!

  2. I love Pitch Perfect so much!

    & I have heard a lot of good things about Parenthood..might have to start watching it!

  3. I just started watching Parenthood and I'm in love! I don't know why I never started it till now.

  4. I've only seen Looper and One for the Money out of these, but I loved both! The biggest thing about One for the Money that I disliked is that they change A LOT from the book. I mean, the general story line was the same, but a lot of what happened was different. I liked the book better!

    Found you via the Book Club Friday link up - love your blog!

  5. I really want to see Argo and Pitch Perfect. My dad still hasn't seen Lincoln and i think it is driving him shit*bat crazy ;)

  6. LOVE parenthood. And it's only getting better as the seasons go by :)

  7. i saw all those movies too!
    argo = A-
    lincoln = C
    looper = B
    savages = B
    one for the money = C
    pitch perfect = A-