Friday, September 28, 2012

Movie Night Swap!

I linked up for this awesome swap "Movie Night Swap"

And this is what you had to send

I was linked up with the awesome Jen @ Grown In the Southern Ground and this is what she got me

1. A letter that showed how much we have in common!
2. Popcorn
3. The movie The Town
3. Baggage Ticket
4. Owl Ornament
5. Nerds
6. Mike & Ike
7. Hello Kitty Coco

It turns out Jen and I have a ton in common! She picked the movie the town because I LOVE Jeremy Reinner. She also sent the cute owl ornament because I LOVE owls. Thank you Jen, I loved everything you gave me!!



  1. Such a great idea for a swap!! I Love it! The Town was filmed near me - great movie!:)

  2. That is seriously an adorable swap!! You got some awesome stuff. And I LOVED The Town. But that could be because I'm full on Affleck obsessed ;)

  3. I love that movie. Cuz my boyfriend Mr. Affleck is in it. and homegirl Blake Lively.

  4. you're welcome :) glad i had such a great swap partner!

  5. What a cute swap idea! I've never seen Town, but I wanted to see it in theaters. Thanks for the reminder to check it out!

  6. I haven't seen The Town but I DO love Jeremy Renner! ;-)


  7. Looks like she really hit the nail on the head, go Jen! The Town is such a fabulous movie. Dont think I've ever changed the channel when it on, then again who would with those hot guys in it, right? haha

    Thanks so much for joining the swap & linking up!