Sunday, September 2, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Labor Day weekend everybody! I hope everyone was able to enjoy a weekend off. (Plus a Monday) if not I totally understand, I have a job that requires someone to be there 24/7 holidays, bad weather, you name it. Jails just don't shut down for some reason...hmmm

Anyway. I had a great weekend.
Friday wasn't anything in particular. My husband and I just hung around the house together. We did however grill out and it was yummy. Around 10pm at night we thought we would run to Mcd's for some ice cream. My poor husband ended up getting sick! Like really bad sick. He doesn't know if it was from the ice cream or the few beers he had while grilling out. Yikes.

Was great! I went to Green Bay to hang out with my oldest sister Jackie.
We went to this place called Smartcow

Oh so good (follow me on Instagram to see my yummy picture )

then we went to Pale Bistro where I enjoyed a wonderful dinner with a Delicious glass of Chardonnay. They have my favorite kind of wine there and I can never find it anywhere! My sister said stop looking for it at Walmart. (We laughed for like 5minutes straight about this)

After dinner we headed to a town called Two Rivers. It runs along lake Michigan. The water and sunset were AMAZING. They were supposed to let balloon lanterns in the air (like on Tangled or Hangover II) however it was so windy they couldn't get them to stay lit. So we stayed for the fireworks. It was a blast!

Now it's Sunday night and my husband and I are just being lazy watching TV/Netflix.

He was watching Sons Of Anarchy
Then I turned on  Revenge and got him hooked on it.
Darn you Miranda it's soooo good!

And now we are waiting for part 1 of the series finale of Breaking Bad (we dvr it and then fast forward through the commercials)

Stay tuned for tomorrow ladies! I am having my first ever give a way!!



  1. you should watch sons of anarchy with him... best show ever!

  2. Sons of Anarchy's back tonight, I'm so excited! My husband used to laugh at me because I was so hooked on Revenge but then he caught an episode while he was playing on his computer & dude was hooked, haha.