Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

I have a bunch of randomness going on in my head right now so that's what this post is about today.

Right now I'm obsessing over the song
One More Night by Maroon 5

I just keep repeating it on my ipod.

I went to the Walk in Clinic today and found out I have a sty on me eye. (hey that rhymed)
It hurts so bad. Seriously it feels like someone punched me in the face. That means glasses and no eyeliner for a few days. I don't live without eyeliner.

Tonight the return of one of my favorite shows is on.

Parks and Rec.

Also, today while running some errands I got really upset about some old people.
Now I understand one day I will be old and will probably need to ride one of those electric carts but seriously. This old guy was backing it up fast down the isle with out a care in the world. Seriously, he almost ran me over. It was scary. Then of course these 2 old ladies were talking right where I needed to pick an item off the shelf. Think they moved as I was trying to ninja my way around them? Nope. But god forbid if it was me and someone talking they would be like "EXCUSE ME"

Side note. I got this really cute tumblr at  Shopko.
Acrylic 14 Ounce Owl Dot Hourglass Tumbler

Anyways, that's it here in my land. Happy Thursday!!



  1. omg I have literally been singing that song to myself ALL AFTERNOON! haha. I'm totally obsessed.

    and i agree, sometimes old people really annoy me but I guess it's because sometimes they're just oblivious. I have to remind myself too that I'll be there one day :/

    CUUUTE tumbler!!

  2. I am currently obsessed with that tumblr and that song as well!!

  3. I'm currently obsessed with that song too! My hubby thinks its dumb but I have it blasting in my car!

  4. You know I love that song too! So good! Love that tumbler! It's so you !!! :)

  5. love the tumbler! haven't watched the new p&r episode yet but i will soon!