Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Linkup worth joining!

Ok Ya'll. (I swear I'm from Wisconsin) October 22-26, Miranda and I would like to introduce the link-up for Friendship Week.

I have been wanting to post certain things about friends and decided that this would be a great way. Want to know what's really cool? If you link-up every day for Friendship week (button coming Friday) then you will be entered to win a giveaway. You could win a gift card of your choice for $20. Target? Starbucks? Bath & Body Works? You decide! You have till 12:01-12:00 everyday...so no rush.

Monday: Your Favorite Friends in Real Life

Tuesday: Your Favorite Blog Friends

Wednesday: Celebrities (male or female) who you would want to be your best friend.

Thursday: Worst friend memory. And what you learned from that experience. You don't have to be specific, you can focus on the lesson you learned.

Friday:Best friend memory.

I can't wait to see what you guys have to say! We think it will be so much fun!
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  1. What a cute link up :)
    Will link up when it starts!

  2. I'm excited to link up! Thanks to you and Miranda for sponsoring it :)