Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Road Rules...not the show!

One of my biggest pet peeves has to do with driving.
Maybe it's because I drive 45 minutes one way to work and I tend to see stuff more.
So let me take this post to vent about Road Rules!!

1.) Right Lane, Left Lane. The left lane is meant for drivers who are going a little faster or who want to pass a car in the right lane. So why do so many people stay in the left lane and don't move over when someone is behind them trying to pass? Especially when there is no one in the right lane!!

2.) Headlights. Use them! I was taught way back in the day in Drivers Ed.a good rule of thumb is, "if you need to use your windshield wipers then you should have your headlights on". Makes sense right?! So if it's snowing or raining or foggy turn your headlights on! It makes it so much more easy to see you!!

3.) Speed Limit. Now granted I have a little bit of a led foot as they say but if the speed limit is 65, why do you go 60? That drives me crazy! Then some people do this and what I mentioned in the first one!

4.) Parking. There is a reason why they make parking lines. It's not so you can park side ways and take up parking for the rest of us!

5.) Turn Signals. I find it funny when I am driving on the highway and someone has their blinker on for 15 minutes. Turning anytime soon? Also, if you are going to be turning, then use that blinker! That way I don't have to slam on the breaks because I didn't know you were going to be attempting to get in to my lane!!



  1. Oh my word, I could NOT agree more with this post!! I get such road rage while driving because of how people drive. The blinkers drives me nuts because its like either the clicking sound doesnt bother them, they forgot it existed or they just didn't know that it was their turn. The worst is when people ride up your butt to get you to go faster when you're in bumper to bumper traffic!!! like you can go anywhere.

  2. I LOVE this & the fact that 1,3 & 5 happened to me today. Some people just cannot drive.

  3. I just took a picture of number 4 today! I will post it soon!!! :)