Friday, October 26, 2012

Last Friendship Linkup for the week

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Thank you so much for all that linked up this week for our link-up! I loved reading all your posts.  I also want to thank Miranda for letting me co host this link up. She was the brains behind this link up. So thank you!  *And the giveaway winner will be announced next week!!!*

The last topic for this link up is Best Friend Memory

I have particular memory that come to mind. It has to do with my college friends who I mentioned in an early topic this week.
2 years ago we all got together in Madison WI and went to a Badgers Hockey Game. It was a blast. After the game we went out to a few bars and had a crazy good time. (One of us is always the DD) Some of my friends had a little bit to much to drink and by the end of the night we were helping each other out and using the toilet if you know what I mean ;)
Here are some pictures from that night

As you can see it was a pretty fun/crazy night. One of my favorite memories.
So please link up and share your favorite friend memory!




  1. Such a cute link up!! I would love to do one at some point!!!

  2. I love reading about your friendships!!! Really cute idea!

  3. Badger games of ANY stripe are always SO much fun! There's nothing like a Badger football game, of course, but basketball and hockey are always a great time too! I'm surprised you can actually remember the "memories" though, haha! JK! :)