Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another Movie Recap

Time for another movie recap!
Ready? Ok.
Parental Guidance

Super cute movie. I loved it. I laughed. It was just a funny light hearted 'family movie' A movie you can watch at any age1
Grade: B
Jack Reacher
Was not impressed with this movie at all.
Though it did have action in it, I felt like something was missing from it.
Don't get me wrong, if they had it on sale for $3 I would probably get it.
Grade: C/D
This is 40
Love the director. The the actors. Not the biggest fan of the movie.
I felt the movie was kind of depressing. I was hoping for more
of a comedy. I was also hoping that Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigel's
characters would show up, which they didn't.
Grade: C
A Haunted House
A Haunted House
This movie was so dumb! I only watched it because a co worker told me
to watch it and said it was super funny. There were a couple
funny moments in the movie, basically making fun of the
Paranormal movies.
Grade: D
Seen any of these movies? Did you like them?
Tonight I have on hold Gangster Squad at the redbox
Hoping it's good!


  1. I haven't seen any of these. This is 40 is the only one on this list that is even on my to watch list. haha

  2. we have gangster squad at home. trying to find a time to watch it. I heard it wasn't that good, but oh well. we'll see.

  3. i liked gangster squad - but i also looove board walk empire (tv show) and public enemies (movie)

  4. I want to see Parental Guidance. Maybe I'll rent it some night when the husband is gone. And I agree about This is 40, however I loved it! I've rented it 3 times since, haha.