Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Weekend

Memorial Day weekend we headed up north to Iron River WI
Fellow blogger/bestie Jen her bf and pup Dexter stayed with us.
We stayed at a cabin at the Delta Lodge
If you ever get a chance to go there, you must.
It's beautiful and quaint.
Prices are not bad for a cabin either!
On the way up to the cabin my husband got pulled over for speeding
Luckily, he was only given a written warning!
This delayed us a bit.
Once we got there we were pumped!
This was our view from the cabin
Our Cabin (#4)
3 BDR, Kitchen, Bathroom. Fireplace and 3 seasons room
As soon as we got there we started grilling right away
We were super hungry.
We had hotdogs, hamburgers, potato salad, coleslaw, chips, etc
We ate like kings!
Afterwards we went inside and played games and talked.
We decided that Saturday we were going to go on a boat tour
of the Apostle Islands.
We decided to go to bed early because we would have to get up early
for the boat tour.
We headed up Saturday morning to Bayfield to take a tour
of the Apostle Islands (boat up above) on Lake Superior
The weather was a little chilly but the water was very calm.
So we (Brent & I) took Dramamine to prevent getting sea sick.
Here are some pictures of the Apostle Islands
The water was calm all the way till we got to the northern most island (devils' island) I should have known in the name. The boat began to rock a ton and not only us (Brent, Jen and myself) but other got sea sick fast.
The captain of the boat said he never had so many people on a tour get sick.
Once we rounded Devil's Island and started heading back the water began to calm down.
Once we got done with the boat tour we stopped at a local pier restaurant and ordered some appetizers. We were starving!
After that we stopped at a local grocery store and Jen and I picked up a few smaller items we needed at the cabin.
We started heading back to the cabin and us girls decided we were so tired that we wanted to take a nap!
2 hours later we woke up much refreshed!
We decided to play some board games and grill out for supper.
(Cards Against Humanity) New game I must buy!
We had a blast playing this!
(yup that was one of my cards)
Photo op time with our fur sons

My husband the dog whisperer
(L to R) Willow, Dexter, & Gracie
Saturday night we had a bonfire. After eating, drinking and playing games we
decided to call it a night.
We slept in on Sunday morning. I woke up and realized that today
I just turned 27, err, yeah I'm old.
Jen and Ryan spoiled me for my birthday!
For breakfast they went all out!
French Toast, Fruit Salad, Hasbrowns, Bacon, Blackberries, OJ, etc.
It was yummy!

Brent and I decided to use the row boat that the lodge provided for us.
I told Brent I wanted it to be romantic like Ally & Noah from the Notebook.
Let me tell you, this did NOT happen.
I don't have pictures, I think Jen was but it was bad!
Later that day Brent and I took a walk with the dogs.
Jen and Ryan went out to eat for a small lunch.
I took a nap
(it was my birthday, don't judge)
We played uno
Crazy Eights
Jen brought some really good cupcakes and had me blow out my candles
For supper we grilled out some steaks.
We then packed up all our stuff and headed home.
It was a great weekend and a great birthday!



  1. Looks and sounds like a great weekend!

    I love Cards Against Humanity

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you had an amazing time! xox

  3. Brent- The Dog Whisperer love it!