Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1.) Loving this Pure Leaf Sweet Tea.
I have found myself buying it everyday before work
It's sooo good!

2.) So excited The Killing is coming back.
I've heard really good reviews about this season.
Plus I have a secret crush on Holder :)
3.) I'm loving the new Essie nail polish colors
I bought 2 for now but plan on owing this collection soon.
4.) I watched the movie the help the other night.
I forgot how much I love this movie and the book
5.)  I'm getting so excited for this weekend (birthday on Sunday!)
Heading up north with fellow blogger Jen
6.) Holy new trailer for the last season of Dexter!

 7.) We might be going to Las Vegas again in August
If we do I want to see this show!

8.) Speaking of which, the hubs bought Michael Jackson's
The experience for the wii.
I've been playing it non stop :)
9.) My cousins and I are planning on seeing Fun at summerfest in June.
We are also going to go to a brewer game and stay at our favorite
'ghetto hotel'
I am sooo excited!
10.) Nashville season finale is on tomorrow
I am curious to see how it ends.
I love the music from this show!


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  1. Yes to Nashville! How FUN to see Fun ;) I looove the Help. I could read that book a million times. And happy early birthday!

  2. have a great time this weekend + happy early birthday!!

  3. I was so disappointed when The Killing wasn't renewed right away for a third season. So happy to see it's coming back!

  4. will ahve to check out the movie, the help.

    hope you have a sweet day.

  5. I love the Michael Jackson dance game! Me & my sisters have so much fun playing it! :)