Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 3: Things that make me uncomfortable

Things that make me uncomfortable:
Going in to public bathrooms
Hearing others go to the bathroom
When people yell or hit their children in public (please be private about this)
Meetings/Conferences when I have to speak in front of peers
Having to make small talk with people I don't know
Dressing rooms (I'm always paranoid they have cameras in them or something)
Seeing a sexual scene in a movie when my mom or dad is watching
Being 'dressed up' in front of others
People looking at me (little self conscious on this end)
When my husband 'snakes' the drain and it's all my hair
When I go to my in laws and I have to go #2, I don't like doing that!
When my mother in law feels the need to do our laundry and she is folding my undies, NOT COOL!
Snakes, rats, bugs, etc
When inmates ask me if I'm married, kids, where I live, etc
When inmates whistle at me
People reading smut books in public
Gifts I receive that I don't like. (I hope I put on a good act!)
Have a great weekend everybody!!

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  1. I am laughing because so many of these make me uncomfortable too!

  2. Ha we share a lot of the same things!