Monday, February 6, 2012

All About Me Monday

Thought I would do some random things about me so you can get to know me better :)

1.) I could live in sweatpants and hoodies all day, every day!

2.) I have this natural instinct to protect my younger brother. I know he is a grown adult but it's hard not to see him as anything but my baby brother. I would go to the ends of the earth for him

3.) God. The older I get the more spiritual and closer relationship I get with God. Every night before bed I pray and talk to God and tell him about my day or what's on my mind. After that's all said and done I ask him to watch over my family and friends.

4.) My family is my life. Period. I love them. They aren't perfect. They're loud. They can be blunt, almost to the point of offensive. But they are mine. Don't ever hurt them. Ever since my Grandpa died I've become close to Miranda. I love them. I love all my cousins. =] I have the best brother-in-law in the world. Ben is like a brother to me. He's funny. He's nice and I couldn't pick a better guy for my sister.

5.) Jackie & Rachel. Are my sisters. They are 6 and 7 years older then me. I always wished I could have been closer in age to them. It was always the two of them and I always felt left out. Not that they did it on purpose it's just that they were closer in age and I was such younger then them. Over the past couple years we have become a lot closer.

6.) Watching Will & Grace will never get old to me. EVER. I pretty much know all episodes. I own all 8 seasons. If you ever wanna throw random quotes back and forth it would be fun.
That's it here! Hope your Monday is going ok...working tonight...yuck!!


  1. Love these facts, Poodle (Will & Grace reference)! Good for you for being protective of your family - I'm the same way:)

  2. Agree with #1! Hoodies & sweats are awesome!!!!

    Oh, haven't forgot about the blog award--I promise I'm gonna do it! Thanks for having me on there!

  3. I love sweats. Oh my word. I'm pretty sure mine are going to adhere to my skin one of these days...
    And I'm with you! I LOVE Will and Grace. That and Friends... never gets old ;)

  4. Ah you know I love Will & Grace too *Garlic Jazz!* one good thing and bad thing about our family is that they are sucks sometimes but sometimes it can be good :) and i love you...i am so glad you are my BCF! - and you know how i feel about the older sister thingy ;)