Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Since I can't afford to get everyone a gift I am giving you the above card! (Notice the owl ;)

Today I am just going to review a few things from the past couple days...

On Saturday I became a proud owner of this DVD
I watched it twice already...the wedding scene is still my favorite part of the movie. And yes I cry when I watch it. What can I say I'm a big sap!!

I also went to go see 'The Vow' last night

I would have to say I give it a B/C....
I just felt like there was something missing between the actors. Don't get me wrong Channing Tatum did a wonderful job! I just thought there would be more love between them...and maybe that's the point was that it was inspired by true events. I'm still glad I went to see it but when it was done I was a little dissapointed. I was left wanting more.  Did any of you see it? What did you think?

I'm going to convince my husband he should let me buy the Kardashian collection of nail polish ;)

Other then that, I have to drive 2 1/2 hours today to drop my dogs off at my in-laws house. My husband has this 'school forrest' thing where him and the 5th grade classes from him school spend the night in cabins and do outdoorsy things. I work the next 2 nights so no one will be home to watch my puppies. There for they are going to the in-laws (they love it there) I excpect them to way 10 more lbs when we pick them up this weekend. My mother in law loves to give them treats!! Happy Valentine's Day to ALL of my blogging friends! Love ya girls!! xoxo


  1. Oh man, I NEED to buy Breaking Dawn. I love THE WEDDING. And I also saw The Vow this weekend, I cried but I cry at most movies, lol.

  2. I watched Breaking Dawn twice this weekend as well! You should watch the special features, they were fabulous. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Happy Valentine's day to you!!!!!!!!

  4. ooohhh love the nail polish! we should do a 2 week swap sometime! hope you had a great valentine's! you are one of my top 3 Valentine's (i probably should put Mason and Russel first haha) love ya!

  5. My dog goes to my Mom's when I am away. Whenever we go to 'grandma's' it is cookie and food time not matter if she ate last night or last hour!


  6. i was really disappointed with the vow. i love channing tatum, but the movie was definitely lacking.