Friday, February 17, 2012

What's on Your Fridge

Today I am linking up with Miranda at Aimless Translation for What's on Your Fridge?
What an awesome idea!!

This is the front of my fridge (the top freezer part) Upper right had corner are magnets of places we have/I have been. Every state/place we try to get a magnet. Boston, Lake Tahoe, San Fransico, Japanese Tea Garden, Disney World, Bahamas, Las Vegas, Napa Valley, etc. I love magnets that have inspirational quotes. So far I have 3. Also owl magnets on my fridge. A picture of our dog Nitro (he past away) he is the in the top right of the picture. Then Willow and Gracie when they were puppies. A picture of my sisters dog Minnie...I'm sure you can figure out which one is her with the ears! Some pictures of Brent and I. Under neath the Disney magnet is a picture of my husband and his brother Blake at a Milwaukee Brewers game. I(In the future I will do a blog about Brewer games!) Also a picture of my cousins daughter Juliana...she is having her first birthday party this weekend!

Bottom half of the fridge. Yes that is a spam magnet. My parents went and saw where they make it and got my siblings and I all magnets. lol. Top picture of my bff and I at her wedding. (She was my made of honor :) At Christmas time when people send the 'picture cards' I cut their picture out. So there is a picture of my husbands Aunt and Uncle at a Packer Game...Next picture on the far left is a picture of my bcf and I in our Packer jersey's. The Eeyore picture is a picture that my cousins's son colored for me. The picture in the Petco frame is of my sister and her husband and dog

Left side of the fridge...Top picture is of my coworker on her wedding day. She is absoutley stunning! Second pic from the top is of my sisters and I in Vegas! 3 pic down is a pic magnet of our dog Willow. Next pic is the Packer schedule from this year. The last pic is of my family's last name.

Right side of the fridge. Another picture of our dog Nitor. Top picture is of my 2 of my cousins and my sister and I when we went out for the night. (This night was so hilarious!) Remember Miranda?! Some menus and a save the date pic on the right. In the middle is our wedding annoucment. Some paper to jot down notes or grocery lists! Another pic is of my friend Tara and the bridesmaids at her wedding. Should I take the pic down because she isn't married to him anymore?? And the last pic on the bottom left hand corner is of my brother/sister in law. It was their xmas card this year but I cut off the part that said Merry Christmas and hung it up on the fridge!

Closer look of front of fridge.

Ok well that was super fun! That is everything on my fridge! What an awesome link up today! Show us what's on your fridge!! <3 Katie


  1. yay! someone linked up :) i love looking at all of it - some of my faves? the Eeyore Mason colored for you, that picture of you and Sarah, your puppies, and that picture of that night yah i remember that night lol...i wonder if Jennifer remembers what she did...yuck! haha

  2. You're like me! Love pictures ;) Hope you have a great wknd girly!!

  3. I see meeeee! :) Isn't it interesting all the things you can legit learn about people by the things they have on their fridges?! I think I will do this sometime this weekend :) I really like the magnets from every place you go idea :)