Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's Ok Thursday!

Time for another "It's Ok" Thursday!

  • that I cut my finger trying to take a lid off a can..maybe if the can opener actually would have cut the lid?!
  • that I've watched the movie Tangled about 10x's...I just think it's really cute!
  • that the Packers aren't going to be playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday...(I guess I will root for the Giants ;) that's for you Courtney)
  • that I really wish I could meet some of the bloggers in person..why can't you gals live in Wisconsin?!
  • that I just can't seem to find any new music to download
  • that I think Jenelle on Teen Mom 2 is one hott mess. Get rid of Kiefer and get your life on track girl!!
  • that once again I DON'T want to work tonight...why must jails be open 24/7...can't inmates just take care of themselves?
  • that I asked my brother and sister in law (husbands brother) to do something 3 different times and they seem to always say no :(
  • that I miss my bcf and bff more then they know
  • that my dog Willow really needs a bath and his teeth brushed (he's stinky) and we keep saying 'tomorrow'
Happy Thursday everyone...thank God tomorrow is Friday! It can't come soon enough!!


  1. It's totally ok to watch Tangled a million times. It is such a cute movie. I think its one of my favorites.

  2. I have to admit...I'm hurt you won't be rooting for the Pats...but in the spirit of today's link up...Its Ok!! :) I think your stinky dog can wait til the weekend for a bath:)

  3. We are totally on the same page about Janelle!!! She is such a train wreck! But Brandt and I love to do impressions of her and her mom!!

    And we have been saying the EXACT same thing about giving our pooch a bath! Maybe i'll get to it tomorrow! :)

    1. Brent and I do Jenelles mom all the time! Her accent is hilarious "you need to stay away from Kiefer" and I love Chelsey...she just needs to realize that Adam is a loser and she can do better with out him!!

  4. YESSSSSS!!! Was it my poem that won you over? :)

  5. I miss you more than you know!! Also, it's smart to root for the Giants, because if they win, it makes US look better ;) PS DL some of those songs on my page, I think you would like them (Maybe not?) And we've been saying we need to brush Miko's teeth for like two weeks...and every night it's 'tomorrow'

  6. i miss you so much! i'm so nosy but you must tell me what the bro-sis-in-law won't do....if you wanna :) i love you!