Friday, February 3, 2012

Fun Photo Friday

Today I am linking up with Shannon Fun Photo Friday!

If you could transport yourself back to a moment in one of your favorite photographs which one would you choose today??

I would jump back in to this photo right here. This was my wedding day (06/26/10) The best day of my life. I love this photo because pretty much everyone is laughing and having a great time. Everyone in my bridal party got along so well. It was great to have the girls I love the most be my bridesmaids. The reception was the best part! (I love to dance and drink with family and friends, although I probably dance like Elaine on Seinfield) Hope you guys have a great weekend and make sure to check out Shannon's blog! She's adorable! :)


  1. LOVE LOVE this picture!! Thanks for linking up! My wedding is June 22nd! We will have close anniversaries:) Happy Friday, Girl!

  2. Look's like such a fun time!! I love going to weddings where the bridal party is having a blast... It makes weddings that much better!!!

  3. Love the picture!! My wedding fever just continues to grow! ha

  4. i am the only crazy looking one in the picture! but i love it!

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